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I have a dometic 7401l 3 way fridge works fine on electric

Customer Question

I have a dometic 7401l 3 way fridge works fine on electric down to -2 but on gas pilot lights and stays alight but fridge does not get cold.can any one help please
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Rob replied 3 years ago.
Welcome, my name is Rob and I will be helping you with your problem today. If anything isn't clear, please just ask me.

Can you tell me how long you have had it on gas?

When they serviced it did they replace any parts?

Was it a Dometic dealer and how long ago was it serviced?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

it was serviced 2 weeks ago by a caravan service man not a dometic engineer he did not replace any parts only cleaned jet and then it lit ok.I have had it on all day and night

Expert:  Rob replied 3 years ago.
Hi Will,
great, thanks

The cooling unit is a sealed system on the back of the fridge.Heat is applied by a 12v/240v element or a gas burner. This has a reaction with the ammonia and hydrogen in the unit.

It rises in the unit and causes the refrigerant to cool the ice box first.

We know that the unit works beacuse its good omn electric.


The problem here is that there isnt enough heat being supplied when its running on gas.


This will be due to the jet and burner. You should take it back and get the guy o replace these two parts.


Over time, the hole in the jet can become corroded and there is no way to be able to "clean" it, it has to be replaced.


If you need more help, please just ask me


In the meantime,

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Expert:  Rob replied 3 years ago.
Hi Will
Im not sure if you got my last message or not?

How is it going now?

Do you need anymore help or is it all OK now.

If so, please dont forget to rate me so I get credit for helping you today

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

we have changed the jet and burner and its still no different, is there a separate thermostat for the gas to the electric thermostat?

Expert:  Rob replied 3 years ago.
Hi Will

If you have changed the jet and the burner, you will need to leave the unit running on gas for at least 24 hours for the temperature to come down

There is only the one thermostat for this model.
ALl the components are shared between the power supplies, other than the gas components and the electric elements

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

been on for 24hrs freezer down to -12 but fridge only down to 7 degrees coils on rear of fridge top freezer one is hot but bottom fridge one is not any ideas XXXXXXXXXXX /p>

Expert:  Rob replied 3 years ago.
Hi Will

OK, so its a lot better than before.

The problem with the gas side is that it is not as efficient as an electric element as so many factors can change the heat produced by the gas.

I am wondering if they fitted the right jet?

Do you have the part numbers for the parts they replaced?


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