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bryanpaul52, Customer Service
Category: Appliance
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hi, my bosch classixx dishwasher drains when switched on, but

Customer Question

hi, my bosch classixx dishwasher drains when switched on, but just keeps on draining and never starts to fill and do the rest of the programme. Its as if it is still waiting to drain the last of the water before it starts, but there is no water left. the drain pump is definately working. can you help?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  bryanpaul52 replied 3 years ago.

bryanpaul52 :

Good afternoon. This means there's water in the base pan under the dishwasher. Its basically stuck in what's called a flood mode. This is common on these. What you need to do is a pain however. the dishwasher has to be removed from under the counter and tipped to the left side to allow the water to come out. once the water is all out the float will reset and then you can restart this. this can be a pain but other than blowing hot air under the dishwasher for a long period to evaporate the water its the only way.


ok ill give that a go now

bryanpaul52 :

okay. you just have to get the water out. the float underneath is in an up position and the machine thinks theres water and it keeps trying to drain. theres no water inside though and it never gets all the water from underneath out.


done and fixed it. thanks for your help. Ill give you an excellent rating

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