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Category: Appliance
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my white clothes have scum streaks after washing in my Bosch

Resolved Question:

my white and other coloured clothes have scum streaks after washing in my Bosch Classixx 1200, even after I have washed the machine through at max temp.90deg.C many times using a proprietary cleaner - Gem Washing Soda was used at 90deg.C three weeks ago.

Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  JamesI replied 3 years ago.
JamesInch :

The scum could be a build up of calcium in the machine, do you live in a hard water area?
Have you pulled out the soap draw, and given that a good clean in hot water, and cleaned the inside where the draw normally fits, as you may find some soap deposits have built up which are being carried through on the rinse cycle.
Let me know how you get on with removing the soap draw and giving it a good clean.


When I say cleaned I mean trays, inside drum, rim seal, piping etc. I have poured clean water through the soap duct. We live in a good water area on the public system. Checked with some neighbours and they do not have this problem. Thanks.

JamesInch :

Ok, this sounds like a silt deposit in or around the element.
Rather than buying cleaning products (in my view they are all the same), I would think the cheapest way to get to the bottom of this is to take the machine apart and inspect the element, as its most likely this which has limescale on it and coming away leaving a residue.
If its not the element you will be able to see where the build up is, if you plan to take the machine apart yourself please ensure the machine is switched off, lay it on the side and inspect it from the bottom as in most cases you can probably get to the element without removing any side panels.


As indicated I placed the machine on its side and today I removed all of the drain-off components and cleaned them thoroughly. They were very dirty. I inspected the element and it was spotless. Re-assembled everything and ran the unit on rinse. A full load has since been washed and all seems normal now. Thanks.

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