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What is the reconnection process

Customer Question

What is the reconnection process
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Plumberpro replied 1 year ago.

Hi , follow these instructions, don't worry about where it mentions the motorised valve .

1. Install (see installation instructions) and turn power on to the SCR (receiver). If a separate programmer is fitted, ensure that it is switched on. The red LED should come on. 2. Push the ‘override’ button on the SCR once. The green LED should also come on. Check to see if the boiler and/or motorised valve are working. 3. To enter ‘learn’ mode push the button marked 1 followed by 2 (OVERRIDE) and hold both depressed together. The red LED should flash for 2 seconds and then go out signifying the SCR is in learn mode. Release both buttons. 4. The red and green LED’s should both now be on. 5. Take the Digistat RF and hold it within sight of the SCR (no closer than one metre). 6. Insert the batteries into the holder and slide them into the Digistat RF until the drawer clicks into place. 7. The Digistat RF should now display the actual room temperature. If the unit has been stored in a cold place, it may take time to warm up. 8. As soon as the battery compartment is slid back into place, the red LED on the SCR should flash for 7 seconds and then go out. The green LED may be on or off depending on the room temperature at the time of commissioning. 9. If the red LED remains on, slide down the battery drawer on the Digistat RF, check the battery positions are correct, and once the display has faded, repeat steps 6 to 8. 10. Increase the ‘SET’ temperature on the Digistat RF by rotating the dial clockwise until a flame symbol appears, in the left hand segment of the display. 11. The red LED on the SCR should flash for 7 seconds. This confirms that the radio signal is being sent and received. After 7 seconds the red LED should go out and the green one come on. 12. Check to confirm that the boiler and/or motorised valves are working. 13. Decrease the ‘SET’ temperature on the Digistat RF by rotating the dial anticlockwise until the flame symbol disappears. 14. The red LED on the SCR should flash for 7 seconds. After 7 seconds both the red and green LEDs should go out. Check that the boiler and/or motorised valve have powered down. 15. Place the Digistat RF in the chosen operating position, (see Digistat RF location section) and repeat steps 10 to 14. Once you have confirmed the system operates correctly, fit and secure the Digistat RF to the wall (see installation instructions). During normal operation the red LED on the SCR will flash for 7 seconds each time a radio signal is received from the Digistat RF. This will occur approximately every 5 minutes. The green LED on the SCR denotes a call for heat (ON). Once the system has been successfully commissioned, buttons 1 and 2 on the SCR should not be pressed simultaneously, unless a replacement Digistat RF or SCR is fitted.

Expert:  Plumberpro replied 1 year ago.
Hi , how did you get on?