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My skoda car stop to ignite. What can I do?

Customer Question

My skoda car stop to ignite. What can I do?

Whenever I jump start the car, the engine start but fi I switch off the engine and trying to start it again, it won't start.

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Robert replied 4 years ago.



Hopefully i can help..


If the battery is a little low voltage wise to start of with or isn't holding a charge - then there may not be enough power to spin the engine over for you start up - jump starting in a sense boosts the battery enough for you to get the engine started at least and the alternator on the car to take over and charge the battery up..if you shut the car down too early after being jump started then it will mean you haven't given the car a chance to charge the battery back up - usually a good long 7-8 mile drive should do that a put sufficient voltage back into the battery for you be able to start the car back with jumping it - this is all of course the battery on the car isn't at fault or the alternator itself not charging the battery for what ever reason due to fault with the alternator or charging circuit or the belt that drives the alternator is too loose or has maybe snapped without your knowledge - something to maybe have look for to ensure the belts ok..if possible measure with multimeter on the battery when engines running etc and see what the alternator is charging like - up or around 14.5v is enough and that should rule out the alternator - anything lower would suggest a problem with the charging circuit or alternator itself - if the charging is ok then it possible your battery itself it at fualt and needs replaced now - as the life span usually for a battery is roughly 5-6 years when they start to cause issues..I do hope this helps..

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

When I jump start it, I then drove the car around but it's given a blip sound with battery symbol on the dashboard. I then discovered it's showing steering symbol also on the dashboard.

When I swapped the battery from another car, the same battery works fine in the other car while the new battery still behaved the same way on on car which may mean that the alternator is not charging the reason which I don't know.

Follow your comments, is charging circuit different from alternator? Also how do I know if the belt is loose.

I look forward to hearing from you for best advice and suggestion. I love my car and need it to be back on the road.

Please help.


Expert:  Robert replied 4 years ago.

Hi..there thanks for your reply..


Ok..well if you changed the battery for known good one and the fault is still present,then sort of rules the battery out i would dont say whether once the new battery was put on the car started up straght away or not or just clicked..if that the case then you'll need to check the starting/starter motor circuit aswell as a the terminals to the battery are clean and tight and earth points with in the engine bay are too etc - as per the battery light aswell as the steering light "in which is motorised/electronic" the steering itself fully relys on the charging circuit being in good order to be able to operate..Then its going to be either a circuit fault as per wiring or the alternator on the car is defective and isnt charging as it should be hence the battery/steering light coming up as those detect a drop or sudden reduction in charging power to the battery - or the cars just using battery voltage alone in which wont last very long - In regards to the belt - with the engine OFF have look down the left hand side of the engine bay and just feel the tension on the belt aswellas ensure its still intact around the pulleys on that side.. if so then you can rule that out - the next stage is to basically check the voltage output from the alternator into the i say above a good multimeter should help with that and see whether is charging or not..if not or way below what i mentioned above then it time for a new alternator and that should solve the issue..alternatively if you dont have a multimeter than any good local mobile mechanic you know of local garage maybe able to check it out or if you with the RAC/AA them too..I do hope this helps

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for your comment.

When I put the other battery in my car, the car start straight away without any problem. Actually I used it to jump start the other car and the battery from my car works fine in the other car even when Switched it off. It starts without jump start which means as you have mentioned that the battery is fine. The guy who recovered helped me recover my car stated that the alternator works below 12volts. Could it be that the alternator is not charging because belt is loose or that the charging circuit is faulty. Just don't know where to start from. Thanks

Expert:  Robert replied 4 years ago.

Hi..there thanks for your reply..


Sounds like the Alternator then.if your battery "the one you jumped" works in the other car without being jumped then the battery is ok since it getting charged on the other car.but not getting charged on the car you need to jump start..if the battery you jumped was the same on the other car then then then the battery would be at fault.

you should see at least 14.5v into the battery when the alternator is charging..if its only 12v into battery or from the output terminal on the back of the alternator then that's not enough..and the alternator isn't charging enough..but first check the belt with engine off and make sure its not that thats come off etc..if it still intact then the alternator will be the most likely culprit going by your description id say..I do hope this helps further

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