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HI. i have a kia sedona 2002 diesel. 2.9 i have oil in water

Resolved Question:

HI. i have a kia sedona 2002 diesel. 2.9 i have oil in water and it blows a ltr of water into expanion tank which i syfon off and put back into eng. it runs fine just done 850 mle to cornwall had to top up 3-4 times had new radiator timeing belt water pump. i was told by kia person that it could be temp controll unit as it is known to let air in, that seems to be the prob pressure build up. or its the dreded head gasket
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Robert replied 3 years ago.



I see you mention the presence of engine oil in the coolant..aswell as the coolant forcing its way out..there are a few things that can cause oil to pass into the coolant..usually a failed oil cooler or as you suggest the headgasket maybe failed and thus you get the increase on pressure in the coolant circuit and forcing out of the coolant..oil will only get into the coolant system because the pressure of oil in the engine is greater than the pressure created in the coolant circuit..thats why oil gets into the coolant and not the other way around..the next checks if you do still have oil getting into the system is to need to have proper testing done to establish wither the headgasket has gone.either by pressure testing/chemical block dye test on the coolant circuit to see if the dye detects exhaust gases in the system..if it does then you have likely a headgasket fault.. I do hope this helps

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