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Im going to look at a 2004 shogun3.2 di-d equipe automatic

Resolved Question:

I'm going to look at a 2004 shogun3.2 di-d equipe automatic with 153,000 miles. The owner has told me that he can hear a squeal when the car is started. He thinks it is a loose fan belt. Is this correct or could it be something to be more concerned about? If it is something to be more concerned about, what could it be, and more so, how much would it cost to fix?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Robert replied 3 years ago.



Hopefully i can help..


Usually is a squeel during start up then it "possible" you might be looking a problem fan/auxillary belt..hard to say without hearing it..usually if a belt does that then it either tensioned to tight/too slack or part of the ribs on the belt is gone..or the one of the pulleys the belt runs round is slightly siezed thus the belt slips..if you can when viewing and engine off feel what tension the belt has you should be able to get a at least up a 90degree twist on the belt using your fingers..feel under the belt for cracking/missing ribs on the belt.start the engine up or have the owner start the engine whilst you listen to see if that the case or not with the belt.if has air con start that up and see if the belt makes any noise due to increased load on the belt..If its just a belt then fine that and easy job to carry out and should cost over the top to that..most belt are under £20 and prob that again for fitting depending on the garage you use and their hourly rates..I do hope this helps and apologies for the delay..if you need to ask anything further or include any thing else then just continue before you rate

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