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The engine malfunction light came on and when I looked under

Resolved Question:

The engine malfunction light came on and when I looked under the bonnet there was a nest (presumably a mouse) on top of the exhaust manifold. It had chewed through the wires running into the plug on top of the manifold. We are in central France at the moment, due back to UK in ten days time. The car is a 2006 X Type. Will the limp mode continue untit we return. We are 360 miles south of Dieppe.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Robert replied 2 years ago.


Hopefully i can help..

Sounds like the upstream lambda/oxygen sensor doubt the reason why the EML has come up as the ecu monitors that sensor,it quite important that sensor is operating as this effect the emissions.the amount of fuel aswell as prevent damage to the cat converter due over fuelling - as the exhaust gases passes by to determine,monitor fuel/air ratio and by faulty affects how the engine runs - so unless that wiring is repaired - stripped back,wiring colours matched together- soldered,twisted together taped - Or likely the sensor itself will need to be replaced as the sensor will come with the wiring loom from it to plug into the main harness on the engine..failing that if nothing is done that engine light/limp mode will continue im afraid..

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi Robert,

Many thanks for your informative response, we did not know what the sensor did.

Unfortunately whilst there is some flex at the loom end, there is nothing at the sensor plug end to connect to as it has been sheered (bitten) off at the plug. We were hoping either to get a replacement plug with flex attached or keep going until our return to UK so that we can visit our local Jaguar dealer there.

Do you know whether the car in its present state would get us home (some 450 miles from here) without cutting out or where we might get hold of a replacement plug in the Charante Limosine area of France?


Expert:  Robert replied 2 years ago.


Its pretty hard to tell without seeing it what you can do here as temp asuming your not in the position to fix this there anyway...but if you follow from the sensor thats screwed into the manifold and follow that wiring back to the connector..then that section inc the sensor to the plug connector is what it comes like new for fitting..if the plug that sensor plugs into the main harness plug is the bit at fault then im afraid this will need at least somebody or a good auto electrician to rectify that properly..before fitting a new sensor in to plug into that.... In regards ***** ***** present state..being in limp mode and in the need to travel be honest it would certainly be unadvisable to drive it that length considering the fault it has..

as it wont come out of limp mode unless the problems rectifed and the ecu sees no faults..and being in limp mode you'll only get certain amount of power from it... there is large list of Dealers,Service points in France i can give you link too..the closet i see is this one below....however if you can find a reasonable garage locally or near by they maybe able to order the part in from Jag and fit it..obviously there will be time to wait for that depending if the dealers in france actually have the part in stock....If you some sort of European Breakdown Cover included on your regular breakdown cover in the uk then you may want to check on that..

Jaguar La Rochelle

Servicing , Sales
2 Avenue Du Commandant Charcot,
Charente Maritime,

05 46 45 20 15
05 46 45 20 15
05 46 45 20 24
Service Fax:
05 46 45 20 24

the others listed are via the dealer location section of the website..if you have decent sat nav then you can enter these and see which is closer..

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