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I have a Honda Jazz 1.4 i-DSI Sport 5 door registered Sept.

Resolved Question:

I have a Honda Jazz 1.4 i-DSI Sport 5 door registered Sept. 2006. I am its second owner.
I keep knocking the light switch or something so that the battery drains flat. I have done it again. It is the third time in 3 months. Can't keep calling out the AA. I am contemplating buying a solar powered 12v 1.5W battery auto trickle charger which connects to the cigarette lighter.(£19.99 from Maplin.) Apparently, in some models, the cigarette lighter won't work when the ignition is turned off.
Could you tell me if I can use this kind of cheap solar powered battery charger, connecting to the cigarette lighter on this kind of Honda ?
Maplin also sell a 12 v 15 W charger (much more expensive).
Would I have to take the battery out of the car, and connect it to the charger at home?
Would it be more efficient? What would you advise?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Robert replied 2 years ago.


12v socket only works with ignition can actually get these solar powered 12v 1.5W battery auto trickle charger with the crocodile clips too..that you can hook up to the battery itself..the lead should be thin enough to travel out the bonnet if it closed and in the door closed not sure how and where you park your car ..but some people if they have driveway or garage even can hook up these small smart trickle chargers so only charges the battery as and when it needs it - a bit like if you left the car to go on holiday etc... Have you tried looking into these "portable battery booster packs"... you can charge these up in your house and then use to jump start your car..I use these or professional ones all the time in our garage or breakdowns and are always handy - but they are sold in pretty much any motor factors/halfords etc...what i would say though is to find out if the battery drain is actually down to light switch you mention could be faulty or loose to cause it to come on being knocked easily or something else..a good auto electrician maybe able to find that out or maybe the battery in the car is faulty and not holding charge...but as above maybe look into the jump start packs if prefered..

Robert and other Car Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Dear *****,

Your answer to my question was excellent.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to cure the problem for myself as I had hoped because of other issues.

I didn't know and the instructions of the re-charger hadn't said that the ignition had to be ON, until you told me. Ialso hadn't realised that I wouldn't be able to withdraw the key from the ignition to leave it in the ON position for how ever many hours were needed when using the cigarette lighter attachment.

With your answer I then wired the charger up with the crocodile clips and wires through the door but hadn't spanners etc. to remove all the casings and leads attached to the battery so it was a poor connection. The weather and light was bad anyway, and I suspected the battery as a second hand car when I bought it, so eventually called a local mechanic anyway.

Now have new battery and working car !

Thanks, ***** ***** shall know if there is a next time.

Rosemary Bates

No need to reply to this. I am signing out now.

Expert:  Robert replied 2 years ago.


Yep no problem glad to help... normally most batteries have a lifespan of upto 5years before eventually requiring replacement - not all just depends on the make...but glad you managed to get it resolved hopefully...

If you feel the advice was helpfull? then we always appreciate that customers at least rate us based on our responce and advice..most appreciated...

but should you require anything further advice wise then just ask myself and i'll be happy to help..

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