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,If a gear cable pops out, although easily put back,

Resolved Question:

Hello, If a gear cable pops out, although easily put back, does this mean that it is now more prone to happen again? ( I have an A class...I had the clutch kit replaced 5 months ago and the fly wheel the  cables deemed fine at the time). I have driven a 100 miles since it happened ...without mishap in fact it is now very smooth.

I had just driven over uneven ground after a road closure . The gear stick then became stuck in reverse and would not engage any other gear.

Is this indicative of a wider problem?

Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Robert replied 2 years ago.


Its possible it could,unless the problem of that cable has been rectified..if the cable did come free by simply going over un even road surfaces which are pretty un avoidable anywhere on roads nowadays - they need to ensure the selector cable is properly attached as the selector cables shouldnt just come free or loose from the selector mechanism like that - it could well be the ends have been slightly damaged in some way druing the cltuch change considering the gearbox was removed or they hadnt been properly attached..sadly to rectify such problems as far as the selector cables goes - they have to be replace as a it could well be something to consider- but if it hasnt come loose again over the time you used it - then it maybe just the cable wasnt affixed properly..only a proper inspection of the cables end/fittings as per whether they are fully fixed and wont come off again or need solve the issue completely

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