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Got mazda 5 ts2 1.8 petrol 79k owned from 40k has always drunk

Resolved Question:

Got mazda 5 ts2 1.8 petrol 79k owned from 40k has always drunk oil had to change cats now the engine has weak compression in two cyliners have asked garage says second hand enige or srap it. Could I just change the rings etc as I think this would be the cheapest option?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Robert replied 2 years ago.


Changing rings wouldnt nessesarily be the cheapest option.but rather depends on the labor rates which ever garage doing the job something you may need to phone around for quotes wise - as basically your pretty much stripping the engine to get the pistons out and the majority of the cost will be time to do that,plus other consumables to rebuild replacement fluids/gaskets/seals etc..and doing just 2 cylinders wouldnt be much use you'd be better of actually doing all 4..but other things need to be taken into account as far as the condition of the cylinder walls..if they are scored or contributing to oil loss too then your looking at another engine anyway...where as if a second hand engine was aquired..then all that could be done was to remove all the ancillaries/manifolds/sensors etc from the old engine over to the secondhand one...which would be alot easier..I do hope this helps

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