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Robert, UK Qualified Car Technician
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Robert. I've got an automatic Honda Jazz and I noticed a couple of months ago that

Resolved Question:

Hi Robert. I've got an automatic Honda Jazz and I noticed a couple of months ago that sometimes it would be idling a bit rough and sending some vibrations through the car when I was stopped at a traffic light but in hot temperatures and with aircon running at full blast. It didn't happen that often so I let it go, but about a week ago it started jerking and vibrating when I was driving which I think is when it was changing gears. It also seemed to struggle to change gears in time when going uphill and would almost stop until it suddenly engaged in a lower gear and jerked forward. The jerking and vibrations have steadily gotten worse over this week whilst driving it and now the engine has started to stall during some of these jerky moments while driving. Today it stalled 6 times on a*****home and I kept on having to pull over and put it in park, switch off the ignition and then start it again. It started with no problem each time though. I was thinking it might be dirty tran
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Robert replied 2 years ago.

What your full registration?

Any warnings up on the dash since or prior to this fault?

What things have you had checked/replaced or looked at upto this point?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi Robert,
My car is in the Philippines and came from Cebu I think so my license plate is a Filipino one which I guess won't mean much to you!
The only warning I had up on the dash that started coming up yesterday was a low oil light so I topped it up although it still came on sometimes today when I started it but then it disappears.
Nothing's been looked at it yet in relation to this problem. I had some rewiring done a month or two ago to do with the electric central locking that I had installed and they had a bit of a look at the car and replaced the coolant and said that one of the coils might not be firing properly or was out of sequence but they weren't qualified to deal with it. That's it I think...
Expert:  Robert replied 2 years ago.

Yeah a missfire was one of things that came to mind as per your description it certainly sounds like it from what your saying and this would or could cause the oil light to come if the RPM is lower than it should so the oil pressure sensor may pick up on that hence the light... Id say certainly at this point the ignition coils/sparkplugs would be the best place to sure each cylinder/sparkplug has its own coil - so you will have four coils - normally if one is faulty then it can cause a fault code - either missfire code stored - so a plug in diagnostic test maybe something to get done and see if any codes are stored.they could also look at the live data of the coils and see what that brings up...Another test is balance test and unplug one coil at a time for few seconds and see if the engine stumbles if so then reconnect and move to the next coil and unplug it if the engine doesnt respond to that then thats the faulty coil//so that cylinder sparkplug needs to be checked out..or if codes are stored then swap the coils with another cylinder and see if the fault moves to the other cylinder - if so then that coil is defective and needs a few things to start of with id say on a check bases..
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