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Ross, Diagnostic and repair technician
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X type jag 2.2 diesel auto 70,000 mls .2008 .dashboard warning--gearbox

Resolved Question:

x type jag 2.2 diesel auto 70,000 mls .2008 .dashboard warning--gearbox fault .I stopped car ,the selector bumped as I moved between options . drove 5 mls box stayed in 2nd . what is most likely problem? is new box needed or parts ? thanks john
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Ross replied 1 year ago.
Hi I'm Ross, thanks for trusting me to help you today. I am a diagnostic and repair technician and I look forward to working with you.When you say the selector bumped, was this a physical "thud" from the gearbox? thanks. Ross.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.


Expert:  Ross replied 1 year ago.
Ok, the good news is that I don't think there is a problem with your gearbox, this sounds like the range selector switch (shift position sensor) is causing this problem. Often this starts as an intermittent or occasional issue but sometimes will suddenly occur and stay faulty. The sensor tells the gearbox control unit what has been selected on the position selector, this also physically changes the gearbox valves... If the sensor reading is incorrect or does not correlate to the physical position the gearbox will go into a "limp mode" where it locks into 2nd gear. It will give a Thud when selecting drive, reverse etc.. or as the sensor goes faulty and the gearbox drops into limp mode. This is normal under the circumstances and will be cured with a new range switch.Before replacing any parts, the car needs to be plugged into a diagnostic scanner to confirm the range switch is the cause, this is the most likely cause but sometimes other problems can occur which have a similar effect so its always best to be sure before paying for parts.The sensor is fitted externally on the selector input shaft and is fitted with three bolts, and a center spindle bolt, a few parts needs to be removed to access it but is otherwise simple to change (takes about an hour) I hope I’ve provided the information you were seeking. If you need more help, please use the reply tab to continue our conversation. If you do not require further assistance, kindly rate my service. Thank you, Ross.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.

thanks ,hopefully not too expensive .can I drive 10 miles or is it too risky?

Expert:  Ross replied 1 year ago.
It is ok to use in Limp mode, it will lock into 2nd gear although it will also pull away in 2nd gear so its advisable to be "gentle" on the gearbox when puling away. You may find that the gearbox returns to normal now until the fault re-occurs now in which case you can continue to drive as normal.
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