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Is it possible to replace xenon headlights with halogen headlights

Resolved Question:

Is it possible to replace xenon headlights with halogen headlights on a 2003 TT 1.8 quattro?
Cost is an issue here!
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Ross replied 1 year ago.
Hi my name is***** am a diagnostic technician and look forward to working with you.If your car has xenon head lights fitted as standard is a very difficult to change to halogen bulbs without replacing the entire headlamp assembly with a halogen type due to the bulb holders, and that the control gear/ballast is built into the headlights. What problem are you having with the xenon lamps? as there may be a simpler way around the problem to save having to change the headlights, thanks, Ross.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.

Dear Ross,

I actually would like to replace both headlghts (not just the bulbs). They are both showing signs of old age - milky lens (and a dead spider which is very annoying). Also, following a low-spead bump, one of the lens washers set in the bumper seems to be broken. If I keep xenon, I need to have functioning washers which means buying a new bumper (washers integral to the bumper). If I replace headlamps with the halogen type, I get a better look and can keep the old bumper because I don't need to worry about the lens washers. The halogen headlights are relatively cheap at £200 a go. Can the headlamps be replaced without any problems?

Hope this is clear,


Expert:  Ross replied 1 year ago.
Hi Charlie, Yes i understand now! There will be no problems changing to Halogen lamps, the head lamp unit is the same fitment, The wiring however will be slightly different to the actual bulbs. Most headlamps will have the difference in wiring within the actual lamp and the same wiring connector to the back of the head lamp. From memory this is the case however it may be worth checking if possible just to ensure the connector to the head lamps physically looks the same. Please feel free to ask if you have any further questions, if your happy with my answer please don't forget to provide a rating, thanks, Ross.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.

Thanks a lot for your help. It is good to be able to talk things through. I would rate the service as excellent and well worth the £15 fee.



Expert:  Ross replied 1 year ago.
No problem, glad to be of help! Any problems just come back to me and I will be happy to help! Thanks Ross.
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