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Ross, Diagnostic and repair technician
Category: Car
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I have a ford grand c max 61 plate just failed MOT on

Resolved Question:

Hi I have a ford grand c max 61 plate just failed MOT on emissions it's just had a service too plus last year the DPF played up so was cleaned and two months Ago EGR valve was replaced any ideas y this happened and what I can do ? Leanne
Also when starting vehicle it blows out white smoke and when its revved
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Ross replied 1 year ago.
Hi my name is***** am a diagnostic technician and look forward to working with you.Have you noticed any loss or increased use of oil or coolant ? thanks, Ross.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Not that I've noticed I've had no light come up but honestly wouldn't know where to look I do know that when the EGR valve was replaced was told there was so much muck in it and over bits so it had to have a good clean
Expert:  Ross replied 1 year ago.
Ok, is this car used mainly for short trips/town driving?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Three days a week I drive to work 13 miles there and 13 back then school runs I live out of town so the roads I tend to drive on are either 30 mph runs or work 60/70mph I don't hang around though lol as always late the car is used pretty much every day ......
Expert:  Ross replied 1 year ago.
Ok, the main reason i ask is the fact both EGR and DPF Have had problems, both of which are caused by build up of deposits which build up on short trips and cold engine runs.The fact it has failed emissions i strongly suspect is a result of this build up within the engine, the EGR Shows symptoms as does the DPF, these can be cleaned easily but other parts of the engine clog up and show no symptoms untill MOT, because you have no other symptoms I think to be honest we need to do the basics before worrying about any engine faults, basically your engine needs a really good clean out.Its what we call an "Italian tune up" but with additives.To start, purchase a bottle of injector / diesel engine cleaner, this goes in the fuel tank and is available from any car parts shop or service station. follow the directions and add it to the fuel tank, Its better to use bit too much rather than too little in the tank.Before going further, you need to ensure you can do this safely so think of a nice bit of road that is safe, there is no need to drive fast but you will be revving the car quite hard.1. Check the engine oil is correct on the dip stick.2. Check your cam belt history, if its over due don't rev the engine hard, get it replaced before doing this.3. Run the engine normally with the additive in the tank until full operating temp is reached on the gauge.4. Drive the car, as and when is safe, using first gear accelerate at full throttle to the red line, the engine will enter the red line and hit the governor, there is no need to rev it this hard but accelerating it just before the red line will do, don't worry if you red line it for a short time.5. Repeat this in 2nd and 3rd, it may not be possible in 4th onward without breaking speed limits.6. After doing this a few times you will notice if it was smoking a when revving it hard, it will begin to subsideThe aim is to use full throttle, bring the engine revs up nice and high, this will spool the turbo up to full pressure and blast a lot of buildups out of the engine while also cleaning the engine with the additive. You may notice a lot of smoke when doing this... the smoke should subside so keep doing this until the smoke clears.If after half an hour of hard driving it still smokes, there may be a problem which we need to look into.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Ok I'll do this when I get home from work or get the man in doors too lol
Expert:  Ross replied 1 year ago.
Great, keep me updated with the results. If for any reason the smoke does not clear we can start to look into other possibilities.
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