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Matt, Mechanical Engineer
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Experience:  BEng hons Mech engineering, in auto industry 22 years
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I can select any any gear whist stationary and with the engine

Resolved Question:

I can select any any gear whist stationary and with the engine running but it is difficult to pull the box out of 1st ,2nd or 3rd when the engine speed is more than 2000 rpm.. The box is full of oil and there is no slip or crunch.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Matt replied 1 year ago.
Hello you don't say what car make or model this is but providing car has a hydraulic clutch then the first thing to do is bleed the clutch hydraulics and ensure that you replenish the all fluid in the system and get any trapped air outI favour having a clear hose from the nipple to a jar 1/2 full of old fluid and with the nipple closed your assistant pushes the pedal up and down a few times, then holds it down whilst you then crack open the nipple and close it again whilst fluid is still flowing.If this doesn't help then next check the gear linkage for any worn bushes or pivots as any lost motion means reduced effort at the gearbox and replace as necessary. Ideally have your assistant move the gear lever with you watching the linkage and see if you can spot where there is any excessive play or lost motion.If its a cable type linkage check along the cable lengths for any damage or signs of heavy wear / fretting, if you find any replace the cable. There may be some adjustment on the cable tension at the gearbox end (depending on the year) and the cable should be tensioned so there is a minimum of slack but not so its taughtThen check gearbox oil levels and if its not been changed in the last 20K miles then drain it off and fill with fresh. I can strongly recommend the use of Castrol Syntrans 75W90 (was called SMX-S) as I've known it help with shift issues on many manual gearboxes If you still have issues with the hydraulics and its good after bleeding but then gets worse after a few days / hours, then I'd try leaving the clutch pedal held down overnight by bracing the pedal against the seat base with a piece of wood or similar, this is to try and force the seals inside the slave to take a set in the right orientation as over time they can shrink and dw air back in when you take your foot off the pedal. This shrinkage isn't enough to leak any fluid but the gap is big enough to draw air in (gas being harder to seal than fluid) if this doesn't work I'm sorry to say that the slave cylinder is going to need changing. also if the fluid is dark in colour this is a sign the seals are breaking up
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks . The car is a 2001 V W Lupo with the1.4 petrol engine. A new clutch was fitted 2 years ago since when it has covered 4000 miles of quiet country driving (we call it the shopping trolley). To over come the problem I change " up" as soon as possible. Any speed above 1500rpm makes it very difficult to pull it out of gear. It really does want to "hang on" to the gear selected. Stationary but with the engine running it is possible to select any gear at will and without difficulty or crunch. Regards. Ron.
Expert:  Matt replied 1 year ago.
Hello thanks for the extra informationthe lupo actually uses a clutch cable rather than a hydraulic setup and is also prone to developing cracks in the pedal box so instead of pulling on the cable you end up flexing the pedal box insteadif you feel / hear a clicking when you press the clutch then this is further evidence that the pedal box is cracked you can either weld it up or get the replacement part which was updated to prevent this from happening if this is OK then you may just need to tighten the cable up a bit as there's adjustment at the gearbox end there' should be no play at all in the pedal
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Unfortunately I am still no nearer a solution because the external elements appear to be in good order..The car is due to go into a repair shop on Wednesday 11th. They think it is a cracked or warped pressure plate. I will let you know what is found.
P S. 1/. I know the guy and will see the parts as removed so we may both learn some thing from this event. 2/. I have no intention of not paying you but I would like to keep a line open until the "mystery" is solved. Yours truly *****
Expert:  Matt replied 1 year ago.
Hello Ron Ok that all sounds like a good course of action please let me know how you get on and ask more questions if required
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks Matt. As soon as I have any info I will let you know and complete the transaction. Your patience ( forebearance ) is appreciated and will encourage me to give a higher rating.
Expert:  Matt replied 1 year ago.
Understood good luck
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Matt, I am not sure whether it is you or the Web site owners who is pushing this but I do not like it. I told you the car was going in to the workshop today so why are you harassing me ? I will not use either you or this site again because you are both "too pushy".
Are you really so desperate for money ? When I get to see the the appropriate parts I can make a judgement. Yours sincerely. R. Galliers. C Eng., Mi Mech E (one time motor technician and fleet and workshop manager(mixed fleet in excess of 2000 vehicles )
Expert:  Matt replied 1 year ago.
Hello Ron my apologies for the hassle this has nothing to with me, the prompting is all automated and the way the site works
Matt and other Car Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I now have the answer to the problem . The cast iron pressure plate was cracked right through causing it to to move on a tilt rather than parallel to the drive plate..

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