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Citroen c 3 Twould days ago the temperature is going to maximum

Customer Question

Citroen c 3
Twould days ago the temperature is going to maximum and it beeps.
This happens when I am driving slowly in traffic. When I drive on open road it goes back to normal.
What is the problem
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Robert replied 1 year ago.
Hi..there.. Could be a number of things..ideally the first checks would be the actual coolant level to ensure it is indeed correct and at the proper level when cold - the next obvious check is to ensure the radiator fans do kick can maybe check this by simply turning on the the A/C and listen for the fans running..if not then manually inspect the fan to ensure it hasnt siezed could also with a power probe send power to the motor itself and see if it responds..the fans on these are ECU controlled so info from the engine temp sensor allows the ecu to control the fan to kick in at certain times ie: when in traffic etc..these are known to have alot of problems with the engine temp it could make sense to actually replace it and see if that need to ensure the sensor is the correct one by the colour of the connector body on the start with that first ideally

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