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I have C180 petrol LV57 plate Mercedes. The car has just

Resolved Question:

I have C180 petrol LV57 plate Mercedes. The car has just been serviced by local garage who I am very happy with, however I have a yellow engine light that just came up - the car still drive and 30-50mph, however as soon as I accelerate then the whole car shakes and starts to cut out. My local unfortunately did do a diagnostic test but could not find anything and I was refer to take the car to the dealers ship so they can do a diagnostic test. Just booking in the car for a diagnostic is very expensive and I was wondering what this might be and costs wise, and if anybody else can do this test as what the dealership would do. It is important that I get this car fixed asap due to the car is really needed to drive to work and back. Your advise and reply is very much appreciated thank you.
Submitted: 28 days ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Robert replied 28 days ago.


Nowadays most garages should have equipment,diagnostic scanners thats nearly next to dealer avoid going to the dealer..if your local garage cant do that then maybe ask around other reputable local garages,a reputable mobile mechanic maybe..unfortunately thats what you having to need to here to access what fualt codes you have stored or the ecu is seeing rather,so scanning an testing/scope is the way forward on this me it sounds certainly like a missfire..its determing what cylinder or cylinders it on..only testing will know that..either ignition coil,sparkplug, fuel injector or compression related...they should also be checking mistures,lambda sensors plus checking to ensure there is no vaccum lines leaking or intake leaks.a smoke test would verfiy that...Its difficult to say what cost you'd be facing without knowing the test results or the codes even to get an idea...maybe try the good garage scheme website to see if anyone local to is registered on that..if you cant find someone on that then sadly the dealer is about your only option..hope this helps

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Customer: replied 20 days ago.
Hi Robert, thank you very much for the advise. The problem is now fixed and you were right it was a missfire, and it was only a spark plug that needed to be changed and the other one was full of oil, due to oil filter change when they serviced the car. Sooo glad it was not the gearbox like some other garage suggested. Once again, thank you very much and Merry Christmas. Would highly recommend your service.