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tazechip, MD
Category: Cardiology
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I have been experiencing heart palpitations since june,

Resolved Question:

i have been experiencing heart palpitations since june, ectopic beats more precisely...skipped many times ? depends the episodes , usually i can feel around 3 to 8 per day . when hangover i get the worst episodes maybe 30 ectopic beats. i stopped drinking for a week now to see if it will stop, but i m still having them. i have seen a cariologist a week ago when i decided to stop alcohol, both ecg and echocardiogram were fine. i want to ask you doctor if there is a possibility that even tho tests were fine, these palpitations might represent the begining of a heart condition ? i am a 25 year old male, who has not been healthy since 17 and abused of party alcohol and drugs.
Submitted: 28 days ago.
Category: Cardiology
Expert:  tazechip replied 28 days ago.

Hello. I'm Dr Chip
Thanks for your question and I'm reviewing it.
I'll be back in a moment with and answer or a request for more information

Expert:  tazechip replied 28 days ago.

Did the ECG happen to capture one of these irregular beats?

Customer: replied 28 days ago.
No , doctor said it was clear , but I was not feeling them at that time dr
Customer: replied 28 days ago.
I have done plenty of ECG these last 3 month but never captured them . The cardiologist told me I think there is no need now to do the 24holter , but I thought maybe he said that because it was a private clinic , and I payed 1100 pounds for the ECG and ,echo and consultation, so maybe he did not see the utility to take it further !!
Customer: replied 28 days ago.
I don't have any pain , just these skipped beats doctor
Expert:  tazechip replied 28 days ago.


Most likely these are premature atrial contractions and they have nothing to do with your coronary artery blood flow--it's just an electrical abnormality and it doesn't mean you'd have a heart attack or heart damage in the future

Usually there's no specific reason why they occur although sometimes caffeine can bring them on

The holter monitor would only be to capture them but I'm sure what it would show would be these PAC's and they aren't in any way dangerous--just bothersome

Please let me know if you need any more information

Customer: replied 28 days ago.
If the structure of the heart is fine , what might it be doctors? What should I do ? It is nevatively affecting my life and studies :(
Customer: replied 28 days ago.
Is there anyway to fix this electrical abnormality? Get rid of these palpitations Dr ?
Expert:  tazechip replied 28 days ago.

From the echocardiogram you don't have a valve problem with can sometimes cause these, so you just have them for no real reason

They can be treated with a beta blocker medication like propranolol if they bother you

tazechip and other Cardiology Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 28 days ago.
Ok thank you doctor . I will give it one more week , if it still , I will see the cardiologist again. Thank you for your time .