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Bryan, Computer Repairer
Category: Computer
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Experience:  Hardware/Software/Viruses/Malware/Spyware .. I can help you fix it all.
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My password XXXXX been changed by someone else and my computer

Customer Question

My password XXXXX been changed by someone else and my computer is now locked How do I change it back to me again?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Bryan replied 3 years ago.

Bryan :

My name is Bryan and I will be assisting you today.

Bryan :

Do you mean that your Windows login is not accepting your password?

JACUSTOMER-lgpetb4k- :


JACUSTOMER-lgpetb4k- :

Are you there Bryan?

Bryan :

I am now. Are you running Windows on the computer that you are typing to me on now?

JACUSTOMER-lgpetb4k- :

Sorry my name is John and I've been out. I am answering you from my laptop

Bryan :

Ok. Does your laptop run Windows?

JACUSTOMER-lgpetb4k- :

Good day Bryan our time zones seem to be far apart so it will take us a while to get to a solution I guess. In answer to your question yes my laptop does run Windows Vista.

Expert:  Bryan replied 3 years ago.
Ok. And do you have a blank CD and a CD recorder on the laptop?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes I do but I am at work all day today. I will respond when I am home this evening.

Expert:  Bryan replied 3 years ago.
Ok. When you get home, download Hiren's Boot CD. Once downloaded, burn it to a blank CD as an ISO file. This is not the same as just copying the ISO to the disk. If you're not sure how to burn an ISO file, let me know and I'll give you specific instruction.

Not sure why, but the link isn't working. You can find Hiren's here:
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Bryan I'm home now I'll need your help to burn an ISO.

Expert:  Bryan replied 3 years ago.
No problem. If you haven't already extracted the zip file, find the zip using Windows Explorer (Start - Computer) and right click on it, then choose "Extract all". Then with a blank CD or DVD in the drive right click on the extracted ISO file and choose "Burn disc image". After that's done, boot the computer with the password problem from the newly created disc and choose "Mini Windows XP". Then you want to open the HBCD Menu and go to "Passwords / Keys", "Windows Login". "NTPWEdit". From there you can follow this guide to reset the password.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks Bryan.I'm off to work right now but I'll get back to you when I'm home this evening.

Expert:  Bryan replied 3 years ago.
Talk to you then John. Have a great day!