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I have a herb industries Trimline 2600-1 running machine Am

Customer Question

I have a herb industries Trimline 2600-1 running machine
Am getting a L5 error code
we have changed the speed sensor, the PCB is working ok and also have changed the circuit breaker.
I have had an electrician check the continuity of all the leads; however, on switching on all seems ok - the display unit all kicks in - but the conveyor belt does not start and after say 30 seconds the L5 error appears
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  cvd4311 replied 2 years ago.

When you changed the speed sensor and circuit board ( I am assuming you meant board instead of breaker), did you see a LED light come on or near the circuit board? To test turn on the power but leave machine off. Move the walking belt with your hand and if you see a blinking led on the motor control board (it should say 'spd' on it), then your motor control is bad. Also the next thing to look at is the motor brushes. If they are worn, first unplug unit then you should see slitted caps on both sides of the motor. Remove them if they are less than 3/8" and replace.

If all of the above is working then you might want to check fuses or it could be your roller bearing, foreign debris, etc. If it is not then the next best thing to do is to contact the manufacturer and have them to come out and set it.

JACUSTOMER-mn2l1bdq- :

The manufacturer is in America - I am in the UK

JACUSTOMER-mn2l1bdq- :

What would I do if my motor control is bad? - Fuses are all checked - what to do if it is the roller bearing - please I need to be told what to do if it is one of these problems


If your motor control is bad you would have to replace it. You can order that offline at their site and they will ship to UK. If the roller bearing is not rolling, once again you would have to order another to replace the bad parts.

Here is one site that you can order the parts from:


I do not see anywhere that you can find all the parts that you need in the UK. I did find the belt in the UK but it seems like you don't need that. ON the link that I sent you from above, just go down and see what you have already replaced then look up the roller bearing and circuit breaker and control board. Not sure if you bought circuit breaker or controller board.


Good afternoon. Just trying to find out if everything is okay and satisfactory?


Good morning, checking again if all is well with your Trimline and did you find the parts that I posted?

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