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Would it be quicker and cheaper to install a new windows 7

Customer Question

would it be quicker and cheaper to install a new windows 7 and would the old one then be able to be uninstalled
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Quiksilver07070 replied 1 year ago.
Hello and thank you for choosing you attempt to install ANOTHER operating system (Windows, Linux, OSX) on a hard drive that ALREADY has an Operating System (OS)....the installer will recognize the ALREADY INSTALLED OS, and ask you about what you want to do with it..Typically you are given a few options.1-Overwrite the old OS, and erase the hard drive and continue the installation.2- Keep the old OS intact, and create a new partition on the hard drive for the new OS to go on. Making this what we call a DUAL BOOT system.3- Keep the old OS files and folders in a folder on the hard drive, in a .old file. Which allows you to REVERT back to the old OS, but does NOT allow for a dual boot..There might be other options, but this depends on the installer you are using.Windows does NOT give you very many options...maybe 3.....but linux gives you MANY MANY more..So....back to your original question....would it be quicker? But would it be quicker than WHAT? what are you comparing it to?.Typically, if you no longer need the old OS, and you are upgrading, or changing the OS to a newer version. YOu would backup all the important files you want, and then completely erase the hard drive (this is done at the time of the new OS installation) and perform a FULL CLEAN install. This yields the best results for OS stability..Does this answer your question?
Expert:  ChrisC replied 1 year ago.