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Category: Computer
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I HAVE LINE DRAWING IMAGES on excel spreadsheet which

Resolved Question:

i HAVE LINE DRAWING IMAGES on excel spreadsheet which I would like to convert into file type suitable to upload to my website, is this possible?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Quiksilver07070 replied 1 year ago.
Hello and thank you for choosing the best image file type for the internet is was developped specifically for image files on the internet..So, open the file so you can see the whole thing on your screen......then do a screen grab (screen capture) then open it in MSpaint, and crop out the background stuff..Then SAVE AS a jpeg file....then upload..Done..Thats what i would do.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.

Thank you, ***** ***** me through the steps require to do screen capture, then I need to download MSpaint and thereafter I should be ok with cropping and saving

Expert:  Quiksilver07070 replied 1 year ago.
If you like...i can connect to your computer (called a REMOTE SESSION) , and give you a hands on tutorial of how you can do this.Are you up for this?
Expert:  Quiksilver07070 replied 1 year ago.
If you have Windows 7 or Windows 8, or Windows can use the snipping tool, and screen grab ONLY what you want, instead of the entire screen.This is important, because by using the snipping tool, you no longer need to use MSPaint to crop out the un needed portion of the screen capture, because the snipping tool only grabs what you want, by using an outline that you configure..To find the snipping tool on your computer.....just hit the start button, and then type snip, the snipping tool should show up for you to click on, and it will open.
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