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Dr. Joey
Dr. Joey, Board Certified
Category: Dog
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Experience:  15 yrs in practice, specialist canine/feline medicine
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My dog has hurt her paw. It bled a little when she first did

Customer Question

My dog has hurt her paw. It bled a little when she first did it and then she seemed ok and she is walking ok but has been licking it all the time since she hurt it (4 days now). I couldn't see what was wrong with it as there was no obvious cut or thorn but can now see that there is a small raw lump under her smallest claw and she winces when I try to take her paw to look at it. Will it heal naturally or should I get her to the vet ? Other than when I try to touch it she is fine and is eating and walking as normal.
Thank you, Claire
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Dr. Joey replied 4 years ago.
DR. Joey :

Hello, I am Dr. Joey, a licensed veterinarian here to help. If she is this painful and if there is obvious swelling, then I do advocate a visit. It is possible that this is secondary to trauma, fractured toe or even a lodged foreign material (thorn or other organic debris), or a tumor. Definitely worth it to have your vet look. It might just be infected and benefit from oral antibiotics.

DR. Joey :

And let us not discount the benefit of pain relief (prescription pain relief as made for dogs) to help reduce swelling and increase her comfort level. However, it sounds like you have been doing a great job at home trying to keep her off the paw.

DR. Joey :

Be careful with bandaging, if you continue this at home, to ensure a bandage is not too tight (can cut off blood circulation and lead to terrible problems). I recommend use of a sock with some white medical tape to hold on to use at home to keep her off this, or even an Elizabethan collar (lamp-shade type collar) to use until you get her seen.

Expert:  Dr. Joey replied 4 years ago.

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