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Dr. Dan M.
Dr. Dan M., Dog Veterinarian
Category: Dog
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Experience:  10 years experience in Small Animal veterinary practice
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Worm and Fleas a 7 month unknown puppy.

Customer Question

We have taken in a 7 month old male 17kg Staffordshire terrier but we do not know if he has been wormed or fleaed, is it safe to worm and fleas him as we don't want to overdose him and what brand / dose would you recommend?

Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Dr. Dan M. replied 3 years ago.

It is definitely a very important thing to treat a dog for fleas and worms, especially Lungworm as this can in rare instances cause death.

When I don't know when a last flea or worm treatment was used I either wait for 7 days to do both. Or wait for 7 days for flea treatment and use something like Panacur for worms in the meantime.

The best treatment at the moment is a liquid spot-on call Advocate. This is available from your vet following an examination (which is a good idea to get vaccinations and a health check). Advocate treats and prevents flea, mite, intestinal roundworms and Lungworm. It doesn't treat Tapeworms which again is important so a tablet (Droncit) can be used every 6 months as long as Advocate is used every 4 weeks.

Advocate is a liquid which is applied to the skin on the back of the neck.

Good luck

Dan Makin