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Category: Electronics
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Experience:  30 years servicing Tellys
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tv lg difficult to switch on green light flashes on and off

Customer Question

tv lg difficult to switch on green light flashes on and off eventually stays on and tv is ok
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Electronics
Expert:  TV-Tech1 replied 4 years ago.

Hello, I'm TV Tech1 and I'll be working with you to identify and help you resolve your problem.


Sounds like a basic start up issue. If the TV eventually turns on and displays a picture, but it now seems to take "forever" for it to light up and display picture and sound, then it most likely is a computer and "heat related" issue.


The computer isn't recognizing OK signals from the TV screen stating the screen lit up/energized ok.


That's what I initially suspect in your situation.


So the key....let's unplug the TV's power cord to clear any bad software running and get it to reload first.


If your TV is older than can unplug it for 10 minutes. If its 2009 and newer, you need to unplug it for 20 minutes since the Energy Star ratings changed in 2009.

That will reset the TV's software


After that, Try to darken the room so you can see if the TV screen stays pitch black or it glows.

The TV must glow before the "computer" recognizes it is glowing and the switches on the picture and the sound.


That's usually the reason you're still seeing the green light flashing.


Check it out, let me know the results.


While you're back there unplugging the TV set, get the TV's model number also. There's a sticker on the back with the giant main model number, but the "Product Service number" gives more information.



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

product no 32lt75-za.aekyljg serial no 802wrlpio712

once tv is on and warmed up no problem switching on and off have disconnected for 10 minutes and no problem switching back on it seems the problem occurs when its been off eg overnight

Expert:  TV-Tech1 replied 4 years ago.

Sounds like your Tv's computer is locking up when "super cold" ...It could be the power supply voltage is low, or your main board's computer is the problem. Do you unplug the TV to get it to restart??



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

no i dont unplug tv to restart i unplugged it on your advice but i wont know wheter its solved the problem until its been off some time probably tomorrow

Expert:  TV-Tech1 replied 4 years ago.

once tv is on and warmed up no problem switching on and off have disconnected for 10 minutes and no problem switching back on it seems the problem occurs when its been off eg overnight


Ok, I understand...the real test is the overnight test. Try it in the morning. See if it doesn't start. That microprocessor is actually running 24/7 so the remote will turn it on.

If it doesn't start in the morning, unplug it again for a FULL 20 minutes, then try it a second time.


Let's see if the TV restores itself by reloading the software, or if the TV's ON command actually has to warm up -- deliver a HIGH/ON command to the TV's power supply, which needs time to actually warm up to turn on the TV.


I still think the whole problem is revolving around the TV's micro....I just can't verify it yet.


So, tomorrow morning, try turning on the TV.

If it doesn't start, unplug the TV for 20 minutes, plug it back in, see if it turns on immediately.

If it doesn't...see if leaving it on makes the TV come alive after...30 Minutes of being turned on? Or maybe an hour? However much time it takes before you see the TV start working normally.


Another key you ever hear a click when it starts up normally? Some TV's power up the power supply with a relay, and if yours does, it helps to know that.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

tv off over night usual problem this morning.Wentout 10.30 came back 1.00 same difficulty to get it back on.Do we need a new tv remembring that once its on its perfect

Expert:  TV-Tech1 replied 4 years ago.

You don't need a new TV. The main board is not responding to your power on request.


Part number -- EAX35707103


If you Google that part number, you'll find various suppliers for the main board. Replace that and the intermittent No Start condition should be resolved. The only other thing that could affect it is if there's something like a USB or digital card inserted into the TV set and it's reading it, and ignoring your power on request.

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