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Richard Hill
Richard Hill, Customer Service
Category: Electronics
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I have a DMR-EX768EBK ser No VQ8B009955First I Recorded a

Customer Question

I have a DMR-EX768EBK ser No VQ8B009955
First I Recorded a program to disc the disc apears to have been ritten to but the unit said no read! also the disc would not play on any outher equipment.
I did a reset but now the unit will notgo to HDD and keeps coming up with U88 then says that it has been restoredthen switches off on switching back on it tryes to read advd again then gives U88 againwith only the turn on button being acted on.
Befor the unit locked onto DVD mode a Small DVD simble showed in the bottom right of the display also now there appears to be a small D above the chanell No.
Please give the options available and weather the HDD material can be saved.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Electronics
Expert:  Richard Hill replied 4 years ago.

Usually the U88 is resolved by the Factory Reset - are you sure that the reset was performed correctly?

Just to confirm, were you able to eject the DVD that caused the problem?

I have contacted Panasonic about this and await their reply.

Best Regards,

Expert:  Richard Hill replied 4 years ago.

Sorry for the delay, I'm still waiting to hear from Panasonic and will update you as soon as I do.

Best Regards,

Expert:  Richard Hill replied 4 years ago.

I have received the following reply from Panasonic:

I am sorry to learn of the circumstances that have prompted you to contact our department. Unfortunately, without sight of the unit it is very difficult for us to determine the exact nature of the fault. If the reset procedure did not fix the issue, I would advise you to consult a service engineer for further investigation. You can find the nearest one here:

Sorry, that I can't offer a technical solution on this occasion.

Best Regards,