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Canon printer mp240. Message is "ink absorber is full" How

Resolved Question:

Canon printer mp240. Message is "ink absorber is full" How do I access the absorber and empty it?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Electronics
Expert:  Pete replied 1 year ago.
Hi there,
this message indicates that the ink absorber is full and needs to be replaced. However, most units do not actually measure the ink in the absorber to determine this. Rather they go off an internal counter. Once it reaches a certain amount of pages printed it's programmed to be serviced. Sometimes we can reset this page count to make the error go away once without any harm to the printer. Please try these steps first:
1. Start with the printer off
2. Press and hold resume Button (triangle in the circle) and click “Power” button. green led should be on
3. Hold the Power button, release Resume Button.
4. Without releasing the Power Button, double press “Resume” button and then release Both Buttons.
5. Press “Resume” four times then press the “Power” button, to confirm the selected action (reset the counter).
6. Turn off the printer and turn on again
If it doesn't reset the error, then the ink absorbers must definitely be replaced by Canon and you will normally need to send the printer to a service centre to have this done. However, on some canon printer models the ink absorbers are accessible and you can try to wash them yourself. I don't recommend this as it can be a very messy job. Again it's just best to call Canon directly and have this done by them. However, if you are out of warranty you can certainly take a look inside the printer and check to see if your ink absorbers are accessible:
Open the printer from the top, and inside what for the carriage to move over to the center. Now go ahead and remove the power. Look in the space to the right where the carriage was and you one or two ink pads there. Wearing rubber gloves remove them. Note: If you do not see the ink pads, please stop here and have the printer serviced, as it will most likely need to be taken apart completely to get to them. Run these under warm water to rinse out the ink, then let them dry. Reinsert them back into the printer, wait 30 minutes, then power up the printer again. If they are not accessible this way, it may take some disassembly as shown in the video below:
If you can't print or still get the same message, sharply unplug the printer from the wall outlet while it is still on, and disconnect all cables from the back of the printer. While the printer is off, press and hold the power button for 3 minutes, then release. Leave the printer off for 10 minutes.
Finally, reconnect all cables to the back of the printer. Now while holding down the stop/cancel button, or just the power button if you don't have those, plug the printer back in to the outlet, then release the button. Power on the printer if it doesn't do so automatically. Follow any onscreen directions if given then see if the error is gone.
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