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Question relating to the Pixma Canon MG6250 printer. Advisory

Resolved Question:

Question relating to the Pixma Canon MG6250 printer.
Advisory message, 'Ink Absorber is almost full'
I have changed the print absorber.
Now I need to reset the printer to remove this message that is still displayed.
I assume this will involve a reset to a counter in the printer software to zero.
Hope you can help,
John Maskell
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Electronics
Expert:  Pete replied 1 year ago.
Hi John, There are two stages to fixing this problem:1 - Get the printer into service mode2 - Use servicetool.exe to reset the ink absorber counter to 0%You will need the printer plugged into a USB port on your computer to use the reset tool.Then to get the MG6250 into service mode:1. Work out where the STOP button is. The printer very helpfully hides all the buttons. If you look closely though, you can just make out the squares. The Stop button is the one near the Error light (which will helpfully be orange because of the error you are trying to fix).2. Turn the printer off.3. Press and Hold the Power button. Keep it pressed down.4. Wait about 2 or 3 seconds - the blue light will be on5. Press the STOP button 6 times. Each time you press it, you will see the lights change from the Orange one to Blue one. After the 6th time, the BLUE led should be on.6. Let go of the Power button.7. The blue light will now start flashing for a while. This may just be 5 seconds, or it could be a minute, if the printer decides to do a head clean first...8. Eventually the blue light will stay on. The main display will be BLANK. This is Service Mode.9. Connect the printer via USB to your computer.To reset:1. Download and launch the servicetool.exe program. Search on Google for "Service Mode Tools Version 1.050" or "canon servicetool.exe" and you should find it to download.2. You should see all the buttons and functions are enabled. If they are all greyed out, its because either the printer is not connected to the computer, the printer has crashed, or you are having a bad day.3. You will see an option, Ink Absorber Counter, and a Counter value. Make sure the counter value is set to 0%, and press the Set button. You should get a message saying A function has finished. If you get an error message, then it means the printer was not in service mode.Now its done. Just turn off the printer (power button) and turn it back on again.
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.

I have looked at google for Service Mode Tools Version 1.050 and canon servicetool.exe

I need to have from you the precise web site address to use for the download. One I tried was unsafe!

There is a lot of clutter around these address and all very confusing.

John Maskell

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