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I have just bought a panasonic smart is only

Customer Question

Hi I have just bought a panasonic smart is only connected via ethernet to the internet and via my router....all works brilliantly first time. I can see apps such as BBC1player.......but how can i watch/download an app to watch live TV and say ITV catch up please ?i
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Electronics
Expert:  TV-Tech1 replied 1 year ago.
Check this out and see if it applies to your Model. Respond back with your TV model number if it doesn't. And note that ITV is responsible for designing an app that Panasonic TVs use to connect to ITV. Hope they built one for you.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi that helped me get to the on demand section .... It allows me to see catch up for channel 4 BBC and channel 5 but not itv catch up if keeps asking for aerial connection ..... I am only going via wifi hard wired with Ethernet .... Also my question also asked about an app for watching live to... Or live BBC itv etc ..... My Panasonic is CS500 series and we bought it at ***** ***** as they said you can view live channels on this make ? So can you look again at getting itv catch up but more import at live BBC itv please thanks Mike
Expert:  TV-Tech1 replied 1 year ago.
but not itv catch up if keeps asking for aerial connection -- That's ODD that it asks for an aerial connection for catch up...doesn't make sense unless the station is broadcasting a constant stream of downloaded video. I know they do that with the Guide, but you've already set up the aerial connection, am I correct? Maybe they're talking about a FreeSat connection.we bought it at ***** ***** as they said you can view live channels on this makeThat statement doesn't really guarantee anything but live channels.I'll look into your model more (CS500 series) but it is a "series" of TV models.This is the quick version of information -Panasonic CS500Another Full HD model with very basic features.Full HD100 (24 & 32") / 200 (40 & 50")In-house TV StreamingUSB Media PlayerEU prices:24" Panasonic TX-24CS50032" Panasonic TX-32CS51040" Panasonic TX-40CS52050" Panasonic TX-50CS520Does any of the above models match? MORE BASIC INFORMATION --What do I need to get Freeview Play? You’ll need a Freeview Play TV or recorder, a working TV aerial (why, is part of the information provided by ITV and other TV channels??), and broadband* access so you can connect to the internet. The service is already easy to use, but Panasonic has added a Freeview Play button to its remote controls for ultimate convenience.*A minimum broadband speed of 2Mbps is required to watch catch up and on demand services – this will count towards any monthly broadband data allowance. Only selected channels provide 7-day catch up.Here is the answer to the above question --What is Freeview Play?To put it simply: it’s catch up made easy. Find programmes from BBC iPlayer, the ITV Hub, All 4 and Demand 5 sitting alongside up to 60 TV channels and 12 HD channels. Simply scroll back in your TV guide to watch shows you missed from the last 7 daysTry that option, see if it applies to your TV.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
24" Panasonic TX-24CS500 is my model............I have no aerial in the bedroom and this is a second TV attached only by ethernet cable to my router for internet/web connection.Some manufacturers do not have apps to view live TV but apparently Panasonic do? can you advise once more if you think I can attach to a) ITV catch up just like I can with BBC I player and B) is there a way...prefereably an app to view live UK TV albeit only through the internet/wifi. router connection.thanks
Expert:  TV-Tech1 replied 1 year ago.
I think if you connect an aerial to your Panasonic TV, then set up your autoprogramming, you will be able to download your TV guide. Once that's done you can back your TV guide up and play earlier TV shows through your internet. But you may have to let 7 days accrue on your TV for that to work properly. I'd just autoprogram it, then check it a few hours later to see if that's how it's designed.