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Onkyo tuner model no TX-38. It hasn't worked couple of

Customer Question

Onkyo tuner model no TX-38. It hasn't worked for a couple of years. Not sure that I connected it up correctly to twin tape deck and speakers and aerial. One of the speakers has blown. Both machines have power. Tuner shows radio has signal and tape decks register but no sound, doesn't even hum. Not sure if I have connected everything up properly...
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Electronics
Expert:  JamesI replied 1 year ago.

To confirm your speakers are plugged into the red and black sockets on the rear of the unit, and tha tape deck plugged in to the round phono sockets marked Play under the heading Tape?

Assuming the above is correct and the input selector is set to"Tape-1" or "Tuner" if your not getting any sound this sounds like a amplifier failure within the TX-38 itself.

You could try and plug a set of headphones in the jack just above the power button to see if you can hear anything, however if it very much sounds like an internal fault.

It may be worth also removing the cover with the power disconnected and seeing if there are any fuses which have blown on the PCB, since a fuse may have blown when one of the speakers failed.