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I am a teacherat a private girl's school. I teach16 to 18 year

Customer Question

I am a teacherat a private girl's school. I teach16 to 18 year old. In the last few weeksbefor xmas all staff were going to a xmas party. Thegirls asked me what I was going to wear . I had finished the syllabus and we have double lessons thus downtime or brain breaks. I went online to sbow the girls.without menoticing they filmed me and sent the video to the head. She sat on it for nearly two months and then called me to her office and asked me to resign. She said this was the most serious of incidents ever and she would not be able to deal with it and refer me to the governors. This was a week after her husband was involved in a bondage incident which the parents complained about. She said if I go willingly she would keep my reference intact but otherwise she would mention this incident forever more. This meeting was not minuted.
I had a written warning two years ago when I mentioned muslim crime - I teach sociology-and the muslim girl complained to her parents. Thegirls then all got involved in mentioning that I go off topic and mention personal incidents. I use them as ancedotes to illustrate a point. This warning has now been spent.
after the meeting i did not hear from the head so I assumed so I assumed that she had calmed down. Two weeks befor the easter break I bumbed into the deputy head who said we needed a quick meeting to clear up this internet business. We had this meeting and he took the minutes himself. I asked if I could see the minutes when he had typed it up but he did not appear keen. For two weeks I heard nothing and on the first day of my holiday I had a letter stating that I would get a final written warning.the enclosed minutes of the meeting contained some inaccuracies, irelevqnces and omissions.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  Ben Jones replied 1 year ago.
Hello how long have you worked there for and what are your queries regarding this?
Expert:  Ben Jones replied 1 year ago.
Hello, not sure if you saw my initial query above - how long have you worked there for and what are your queries regarding this?

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