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I have a child contact court Order at FHDRA/directions - child

Resolved Question:

I have a child contact court Order at FHDRA/directions - child arrangements programme. This order is giving my ex visitations rights over the next 2 months to see how contact progresses with our child. However I as the resident parent have no order in my favour giving me any rights as a resident parent e.g. a residence order. I was advised to wait and apply for a residency order at the next court hearing in 2 months time. However i planned to go abroad for a holiday for a week with my child and my ex is saying no to a consent letter even though He verbally said yes before and told me to go ahead and make all the final arrangements and then he will write a letter of consent mentioning the arrangements, so Now I booked everything and asked for a written consent and he says no to consent as it will be to hectic for our child (which may I add is not). My daughter (6 yr) is crying now that she cannot go on holiday she had all her holiday things ready. I am aware of the specific issue order but I want something long term as I don't want to always apply for specific issue order every time we have issue because my ex always has problems with every little or big thing. I want to ask do I have to wait for a final visitations rights agreement for Me to get a court order for residency? Also what is a contact arrangement order! Thankyou and I await your reply.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Harris replied 1 year ago.
Hi, thanks for your question. Please confirm if the father is registered on the birth certificate, or if you were married to him at the time so that I can fully answer your question. There is no contact arrangement order. There is a child arrangement order which sets out who the child is to live with (residence) and when the child is to see the other parent (contact). If you obtain a child arrangement order specifying your daughter is to live with you, then you will be able to take her out on holiday for up to 4 weeks without the father's permission required.
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