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I have a ford kuga 2.0 diesel 12 plate and when engine off

Resolved Question:

I have a ford kuga 2.0 diesel 12 plate and when engine off and stationary on our drive on a slight incline the back of the car slightly lower than front it creaks like a haunted house
The other day we reversed on our drive hand brake on turned the engine off and before either one of us opened a door we had 10 seconds of creaking , fords have had it back on 4 occasions 1st answer was it's just one of them cars that creaks 2nd visit they cleaned the rear brakes and charged us £77 , next day started creaking so got a refund , 3rd visit new rear brakes ( no charge ) 2 weeks later started to creak again , waited a couple of months as service was due , asked them to sort out the creaking problem ( this was yesterday by the way ) and also told fords I had the RAC outa couple of weeks ago as we had a flat battery and as the RAC man got out of the vehicle the car creaked and he said that doesn't sound very healthy , so I told him the. History of the creaky issue , so he rocked the car by the roof bars so he could listen to the creak coming from the rear and he said it could be a dry bush joint , I told fords this yesterday and they said they would investigate , 18.30 last night had a call from fords to say the car is ready and they have greased bushes and it doesn't seem to have stopped the creaking issue , my issue is we paid £22.000 out right for a car that sounds 10 years old I asked the ford service manager if you bought a tv or fridge freezer and when you plugged them in and they made a loud buzzing noise would you put up with it OR ask the retailer to repair or exchange them and he said fair point . Also I've just picked the car up from fords got home stopped the car hand brake on and as I've shifted in the seat the car starts CREAKING ! Now here's a thing we've just tried hand brake ON Shake the car it's creaking , take the handbrake OFF and it's stopped creaking . Please can you help ! Thanks steve
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Mark replied 3 years ago.

Mark :

Hello. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be assisting you today.

Mark :

This is one of these problems where there probably isn't a cure but more you use a certain method to reduce it happening.

Mark :

The creaking is caused by the disc moving slightly between the brake pads.

Mark :

You can try things like changing the way the vehicle faces on your drive or pressing the footbrake fully before applying the handbrake.

Mark :

It's a fairly common occurrence on modern vehicles which have disc brakes on the rear and calipers with integrated handbrake mechanisms.

Mark :

I understand these are things you might not want to hear but you should try them to see if any help the situation.

Customer: Hi mark
Customer: hi mark thanks for your reply , would it make any difference if we was to re-new the discs on the rear of the car ?
Mark :

I couldn't say 100% that it would. If you do fit new discs then you should also fit new pads.

Mark :

You should try the things I suggested though to see if it makes a difference, especially pressing the brake hard and then applying the handbrake.

Customer: Hi mark we've tried the methods you suggested and it doesn't seem to have any effect ,
Customer: im now thinking perhaps try changing discs and new pads
Customer: We are getting closer to the problem as we now know it only creaks when the hand brake is on .
Customer: steve
Mark :

Changing the discs and pads will probably help, but I suspect it will only be for a while before it starts making the same noise again.

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