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JagLandyFord, ASE Certified Technician
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I've got a problem with my 2008 ford focus 2.0tdci, where it intermittently lose

Customer Question

I've got a problem with my 2008 ford focus 2.0tdci, where it intermittently loses power or hesitates.
By intermittently I mean never on shorter journeys, 5 -10 miles, and usually at least once on a longer journey.
However I drove from Plymouth to weymouth, 4 times on the way up power dropped off as though I had stalled, then comes back if I turn the engine off and restart, but didn't happen at all on drive back.
Same on a 15 mile each way trip. Once on way up, doesn't happen again on way back. I've had the throttle pedal replaced. But to no avail.
The first time I noticed something was wrong, I was driving with cruise control on, and I put my foot down and nothing happened. Then ten miles later the car dropped down from 70 to idle and nothing happened when I put my foot down.
I turned off the ignition, back on, and was fine for a few days till the next time.
No fault codes, no warning lights, no black smoke.
Please help. Intrument cluster ?? Dpf ? Dpf sensor ? Egr??
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Ford
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I also have had some minor issues with the car being reluctant to start, maybe half a dozen times which input down to the cold, always started in the end with no other problems.
I've also had Jerky throttle response and stalling which seems a bit better since the new throttle pedal.
Cheers Steve.
Expert:  JagLandyFord replied 1 year ago.
Hi There,With the cold starting problems you have mentioned and the fact that you have no fault codes - I suspect the Exhaust Gas Recirculating Valve (EGR) is sticking open.I experience the same concern on my Transit van lol!You may find if you constantly drive the vehicle hard - the concern does not occur, but as soon as you are on cruise or a lot of steady driving - lots of down hills and coasting - when you then need some power - its gone.With the EGR sticking open severely - this will cause difficulty in starting from cold. There are three options:Remove the EGR, clean the EGR, clean any carbon away from the housing it came from, lube & refit.Fit a new one (which I would not advise unless the above sees some improvement to confirm this is the cause)Buy blanking plates - and blank the EGR off. (This will avoid any possibility of the EGR being stuck open).There is also another possibility worth checking if the above is not so obvious - an air intake pipe / turbo pipe - collapsing in on itself. These are usually double skinned - and the inner skin can peel away and suck flat. However - this condition usually only occurs under load - ie - acceleration, under extreme load up hills. It also usually causes masses of black smoke due to excess fuel and lack of air being available to the combustion chamber. I hope this helps. Please 'Accept' my answer if this assists you to resolving your concern - this is the only way I will receive payment.If the answer is not satisfactory - then please return for further assistance.Please note - I may not be able to answer straight away myself - as I work full time during a normal working week. - However there will be other experts who will assist you further if this is the case.Best Regards
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks for the reply.
I'm not sure how to "accept" your reply ???
Sorry. First time user.
Do you think the egr would cause a complete power drop off from 70 down to idle, and reset as soon as I turn it off and back on ??
Expert:  JagLandyFord replied 1 year ago.
HiWithout a fault code logged - then EGR seems plausible.There are other possible causes - such as Turbo over boost, fuel starvation, or faulty mass air flow readings, but if you have no fault codes being logged - which relate to these - then I can only offer the EGR as a possibility.The only other one worth trying is - replace the fuel filter, and check the air filter for condition, blockages etc. I should also add - if you are using a Generic Scanner which only reads OBD fault codes - it may not be sufficient to pick up other Manufacturer (Ford) engine management fault codes that a professional fault code reader would - or original manufacturer diagnostic tool - in this case Ford IDS.Manufacturers do not have to allow OBD readers to see their own specific fault codes - which provide much more detailed information in some instances. Generally all OBD fault codes begin with a '0' and Manufacturer codes will start with '1' for engine management. So we may be missing further important fault code information. Best Regards
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Lovely thanks jag.
That would make sense.
Expert:  JagLandyFord replied 1 year ago.
You are very welcome.- One last note - if you replace the fuel filter - my advice is use genuine Ford filters.I had a non Ford Fuel Filter on my 2004 Transit TDDI van and it cause power problems under certain driving conditions.As soon as I fitted a genuine Ford filter the vehicle was transformed.Not all filters have the same Micron specifications - some restrict fuel flow too much. Best of luck on your concern being resolved ASAP and not too costly I hope.Regards,