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for Anna only Hello Anna , Hope you are keeping well ,Was

Customer Question

`for Anna only` Hello Anna , Hope you are keeping well ,Was thinking of a new updated version of the gladiators in the Arena scenario `s , if Interested let me know and i will give you more details. , Thanks .
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Anna replied 3 years ago.
Hi Ewan,

Yes, please send the details.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hello Anna . Thanks for taking up the question. What I was thinking was that it would be in a Sci fi ,futuristic time scale .Aliens will have came to earth and abducted a large group of male humans from different parts of the earth ,different builds , and abilities to see which are the best for their gladiator style battles .

They get the humans to fight some of their own kind or some of other races from other planets to see who would be best to send into the main arena for the big games .

The guy in the picture is sent in to a match against another creature but does not last long against it.

Rather and waist the guys body they decide to use anyone that is killed as food for their huge pet aliens thus saving them credits on their food bills.

The guy is taken to the large alien pets enclosure and layed down on the ground as seen in picture , the guards retreat and then let the creature back in to feed .

Where would the creature in the picture start to feed on the guy first .

Expert:  Anna replied 3 years ago.
The huge creature sees the body and begins drooling with hunger. He approaches and begins sniffing, savouring the aroma of one of his favourite meals. He uses his finger-like claws to turn the guy different ways as he continues to breathe in the scent. Then, because he doesn't care to eat synthetic material, he pulls off the guys shorts. The alien creature is a bit playful with his food - like a cat - and tosses the body in the air and bats it around. Now his appetite ha s been worked up and he doesn't want to wait any longer. He chooses to eat tender delicacies first, beginning with the guy's genitals. Despite their size, they are just one big bite for those huge jaws. But the creature likes to enjoy his meals, so he chews the morsels well, enjoying the flavour. Next he goes for meaty areas that are easy to tear off. The buttocks will be first. The chewy cartilage of the ears and nose will be next. After that, he settles down to the hard work of gnawing the remaining flesh off the bones. He doesn't care to crunch up big heavy bones, like the skull, but does eat the long bones and the ribs. When he finishes, nothing is left but the bigger bones and some hair. Like most monstrous creatures, he retreats to his lair to sleep and digest his meal. As he sleeps, the guards clean up the remains to be ready for the next feeding, which will be in about a week.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Wow fantastic scene , When the creature started to feed on the guys genitals ,would it just bite the lot off , or would it toy with them in it`s mouth first, licking and sucking on them first,before finally eating them.


what all would the guards have to clean up and what would they do with it?

thanks again for the great answer.

Expert:  Anna replied 3 years ago.
Since this creature likes to toy with his food and savour it, he would probably take his time with the genitals. He would bite them off in their entirety after smelling and licking them. Then toy with them in his mouth, chew them a bit, and finally swallow.

The guards would find the shorts, the guy's hair, the skull, and probably the breastbone and large bones of the pelvis. Since these aliens seem to be so frugal with everything, they'd probably grind the bones to make a calcium supplement for their pets or themselves.The rest would most likely be thrown away.
Expert:  Anna replied 3 years ago.
Hi Ewan,

Did you need some more on this answer? If there's some sort of problem with it, let me know.

I hope you are well.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

hello Anna , just been very busy so was not able to respond ,thanks for your answer .

Expert:  Anna replied 3 years ago.
You're welcome. Glad you're fine. i hope you'll have aminute to rate my answer. Thank you.
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