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for anna only. Hello Anna , hope you are well. Would you

Customer Question

`for anna only.` Hello Anna , hope you are well. Would you be interested in another story/scenario /question taking part in the newy version of journey2 the Mysterious island
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Anna replied 3 years ago.

Hello Ewan,

Yes, I would. I'll be away for awhile this afternoon, but can work on it a bit later. Just give me the details. Thank you.


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks . thats fine ,reply when you have time .the scene will be like in the newest film ,set in modern times. A group of travellers are flying over the sea when they encounter a savage storm , The plane gets into difficulty and crashes,near the shore , all on board survive but get split up into several small groups .

the guy in the picture wanders inland looking for his fellow travellers and comes across a nice hot spring . He strips down to what you see him wearing in the picture and starts to enter the hot spring , Not reralising that it is the habitat of a large lizard ,that you see comming in at his back .

What are your thoughs on the scenario.

many thanks in advance ,

Expert:  Anna replied 3 years ago.
Even though it was a 'gentle' crash landing onto the sand, everyone is pretty shaken. Many of them run in a panic to get away from the plane in case it explodes. The guy in the picture takes off into the jungle. After wandering aimlessly for several hours, he begins to despair of finding anyone else, and he's exhausted. Then he sees a beautiful, steaming spring. Nothing would feel better on his aching muscles than a soak in that hot water. He strips off his shoes, socks, jeans, and t-shirt and wades in. He stops and take s deep breath of relief that at last he has found something pleasant on this forsaken island.

The lizard has been watching from the jungle. He hunts by stalking and he's in no hurry. He watches intently as the guy slips down into the water. The young man relaxes into the water and begins to float on his back. The gigantic lizard wades into the water and silently swims closer. The guy closes his eyes and soaks up the heat of the water and warmth of the sun overhead.

The lizard is now within inches. Suddenly, he makes his move. He lunges for the guy's midsection, latching onto the area covered by the shorts. As the sharp teeth puncture the young man's most tender area, he screams with pain. Then he emits a second scream of terror as he sees what has hold of him.The lizard plunges out of the water, shaking the guy as he goes. Once on land, he chomps in hard, and the guy passes out. The lizard shakes the body and his teeth tear through it, ripping off a big chunk of flesh, including the genitals. The shorts have torn and the lizard grabs them in his claws and tosses them off to the side. The young man has now died from loss of blood. The lizard chews up the morsels he just tore off. After he swallows, he rips off an arm and chews it. He continues this way bit by bit, until his prey is gone.Then like all large predators, he stalks off into the jungle to find a safe, sunny place to digest his meal.

An hour or so later, a small group of survivors comes across the spring. It looks inviting at first, but when they get closer they see that it is bloody. They notice the bloody shorts on the ground, and back off while checking the area round them for whatever monster did this. Then, terrified, they run back tot he sandy beach where it seems a little safer.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hello Anna , thanks for the great scenario,was great reading it . These huge monsters certainly know what to feed on first from the guys in the stories.

when the lizard first grabs the guy ,does it have all of the guys lower body clad in the trunks in it`s mouth , or just his groin area .

If it is just the huge buldge in the front of the guys shorts will it swallow the material that is covering it as well as the guys meat .

Expert:  Anna replied 3 years ago.

1) When the lizard first grabs the guy ,does it have all of the guys lower body clad in the trunks in it`s mouth , or just his groin area .


Just the groin area.

2) If it is just the huge buldge in the front of the guys shorts will it swallow the material that is covering it as well as the guys meat .


The shorts are pretty snug an d the lizard's teeth sharp, so I would expect the shorts would split and the lizard would not eat them.

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