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Category: GPS
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I have an old nokia phone the old type which has no internet

Customer Question

hi i have an old nokia phone the old type which has no internet or other devices can this phone be pin pointed to an area if i havent phoned out on it or havent received calls in. can it be tracked by just being switched on through the phone masks to certain areas.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: GPS
Expert:  *ElectronicsTech replied 1 year ago.
Hi,My name is ***** ***** certified professional with over 10 years experience. I will be glad to assist you with this. The technology of locating is based on measuring power levels and antenna patterns and uses the concept that a powered mobile phone always communicates wirelessly with one of the closest base stations, so knowledge of the location of the base station implies the cell phone is nearby.Advanced systems determine the sector in which the mobile phone is located and Qualified services may achieve a precision of down to 50 meters in urban areas where mobile traffic and density of antenna towers (base stations) is sufficiently high.Rural and desolate areas may see miles between base stations and therefore determine locations less precisely.Please let me know if you need any other assistance. Please take a moment to rate my service positively by clicking one of the stars at the top of the screen then click on submit.Thank you very much!