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Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith, Plumber
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Fitting a touch dimmer switch

Resolved Question:

Fitting a touch dimmer switch
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  Andrew Smith replied 3 years ago.

XXXXX XXXXX : How can I help?
Customer: Hi I'm trying to fit my dimmer switch iv got the power cable with the three wires in and the lights that are to be connected with three wires the dinner has load slave and live and the terminal to screw the earth to, what wire goes where?
XXXXX XXXXX : You are just replacing the switch?
Customer: No it's a new system that's being wired in from the rose in the centre of the room.
XXXXX XXXXX : The dimmer just needs connecting to the switch wire
XXXXX XXXXX : Try this;
Customer: An electrican came yesterday and put the wires into the ceiling but misunderstood when I said I'd fit the light fixtures myself, he's not done any electrical work he's jus laid the wires where they should be in the ceiling
XXXXX XXXXX : You need to know which is the power in, the power out and the switch wire
XXXXX XXXXX : If you can identify the 3 different ones then you can use the diagram on the link i sent you
Customer: He's marked the cables that are to connect to the switch as MAIN and SWITCH
XXXXX XXXXX : Just two?
XXXXX XXXXX : Then follow the diagram on the link without the secondary main wire
Customer: Yeah two sets of earth two sets of brown two of blue
XXXXX XXXXX : Neutral and earth into the light fitting
Customer: And at the ceiling rose there is the mains wire with blue earth and brown to fit into the rose
XXXXX XXXXX : Live into another block on the light fitting (but not the one that feeds the brown to the light)
XXXXX XXXXX : Do you have 2 places to wire then?
XXXXX XXXXX : You should have wires out the ceiling where the rose goes and a light switch position
Customer: Basically what's happening I'm having two lights either side of the bed with a remote dinner switch above the bed the bloke came and drilled the holes and left wires hanging in the ceiling for me to connect the new light fixtures and wired up in there positions but the other end of that light circuit is poking out of the ceiling where the switch is to be, the mains cable runs from the ceiling rose to the switch but again this isn't connected to anything
XXXXX XXXXX : And you existing light is still in place?
Customer: In my existing ceiling rose there's nothing else in the block marked loop in
XXXXX XXXXX : Has he run a cable to your existing light position to power the new lights?
Customer: Yeah the existing one is staying and a main light and the two new lights are going to be our bedside lights
XXXXX XXXXX : Where are your new lights getting the power from?
XXXXX XXXXX : From the existing light?
Customer: Yeah the power cable runs from the existing light in the ceiling to the new switch
XXXXX XXXXX : Ok wire the lights into the cable out of the wall
XXXXX XXXXX : The feed to the lights comes from the dimmer sensor
Customer: Yeah they are done
Customer: Will the lights be on the cable marked mains or switch
XXXXX XXXXX : Do you want them still to be controlled by the original lightswitch too?
Customer: No I want to be able to turn these new lights off and on whilst in bed and only use the old centre light if the room needs it during the day
XXXXX XXXXX : Ok, the lights need connecting to the switch side and the mains need connecting to the feed side
Customer: On the dimmer?
XXXXX XXXXX : Dimmer sensor - yes
XXXXX XXXXX : I take it that is has L, N and E in and L, N and E out?
Customer: the dimmer sensor is marked LOAD SLAVE LIVE
XXXXX XXXXX : Ok, you are going to need to join the Neutrals and Earths together outside of the unit then
Customer: Plus a terminal to screw the earth
XXXXX XXXXX : Feed live wire will go to LIVE
Customer: so I screw the two earths and which neutral to the outside
XXXXX XXXXX : Switched live wire will go to LOAD
XXXXX XXXXX : Two earths together
XXXXX XXXXX : Two neutrals together
Customer: iv jus turned the power off so my internt might be slow now
XXXXX XXXXX : Nothing is live yet?
XXXXX XXXXX : Is it connected at the ceiling rose end yet?
Customer: It was it's all off now
XXXXX XXXXX : Hopefully it comes from the common connection in the light fitting and not the Switched Live one which is only live when the bedroom lights are on
Customer: Ok at the switch where am in connecting the two blue wires
XXXXX XXXXX : To each other - if there is no neutral connection on the sensor itself then they will have to be linked with terminal strip and wrapped in tape
XXXXX XXXXX : Do you have the details of the sensor, I will look up a wiring diagram to confirm
Customer: Can I link them with a chop block
XXXXX XXXXX : Yes, wrap with tape after
Customer: i bought it from b&q i
XXXXX XXXXX : Many sensors need a neutral to make them work
Customer: Looks like the half job sparky has binned the paper work for the dimmer
XXXXX XXXXX : Is there a model number on a sticker on the back?
XXXXX XXXXX : He wasn't really a sparky if he just pulled wires in......
Customer: The bag says dec0110
Customer: model number 17083 an I get the feeling this isn't remote only touch!
Customer: Should I put these neutrals in the chop block anyway
Customer: Right that's the dimmer done
Customer: as for the wiring at the rose?
XXXXX XXXXX : ok now the power at the ceiling rose?
Customer: Yeah
XXXXX XXXXX : Is your wire ready to connect at the ceiling rose end?
Customer: Yeah it's all striped and ready, earths in the earth terminal and waiting for instruction to out the brown and blue
XXXXX XXXXX : The blue will come from the common blue connection strip
Customer: Will it be the other end of the two wires we've jus chop blocked together?
XXXXX XXXXX : So it goes straight through to the lights
Customer: Ok shall I attact that to the block with the other blue with in the rose
Customer: Ok done that
XXXXX XXXXX : Now the brown goes into the strip with the rest of the browns - BUT NOT THE ONE THAT FEEDS THE LIGHT FITTING
Customer: In the rose its got three blocks for neural three for loop in and two for L
XXXXX XXXXX : Loop in will be live all the time not just from the light switch
Customer: The L block has the brown from the old light and a red wrapped in grey into the other
XXXXX XXXXX : That is the power from the light switch to the light in that fitting
XXXXX XXXXX : Is there another block that has brown wires in it?
Customer: There's a black wire coming out of the ceiling not connected to anything should that be attached in the loop in section with my new brown
XXXXX XXXXX : No, that is an old coloured neutral
XXXXX XXXXX : Is there no live in and out?
XXXXX XXXXX : Perhaps this is a slave light fitting and there is no live connection?
XXXXX XXXXX : If this is the case then you can only have your lights on at the same time as the main light, perhaps the electrician knew this and that's why he left it all?
XXXXX XXXXX : Or you have to run a new permanent live to the light
XXXXX XXXXX : Or you take the bulb out of the other fitting
Customer: Iv jus checked in another room and the upstairs lights are pretty much all the same
Customer: The other two bedrooms have two wires in the live block nothing in the loop in and three wires into the neutral
XXXXX XXXXX : They are the same then
Customer: In this bedroom iv jus got two wires into the neutral
XXXXX XXXXX : The possibilities are only as listed as above then
Customer: How easy is it for me to run a permanent feed
XXXXX XXXXX : You will need to find one in the loft - there will be one in a junction box up there
XXXXX XXXXX : If you can find one and then run a live to the ceiling rose and connect to your new brown
Customer: the junction box up there is pretty much bursting
Customer: Would I just connect my three wires from the junction box straight to the wiring I can't fit correctly to the rose?
XXXXX XXXXX : Yes, that would work too
Customer: Ok if I'm going to just going to put the brown into the rose and take the other bulb out can I put it in the same hole as the brown from the old bulb?
XXXXX XXXXX : Yes, that is a temporary fix
Customer: Yeah until I can either get him
Customer: back to finish a job or wire it my self
Customer: the electrics back on but the dimmer doesn't do anything?
XXXXX XXXXX : is the light switch on?
Customer: yeah the centre light has come on
XXXXX XXXXX : It is wired correctly
XXXXX XXXXX : Can you touch the receiver button on the ceiling and see if it comes on?
Customer: its how we've discussed
Customer: the touch dimmer doesn't effect the two lights at all
XXXXX XXXXX : The receiver is a touch dimmer to isnt it?
XXXXX XXXXX : Is the light switch to the room a dimmer as well?
Customer: Yeah but when I touch it the bulb doesn't come on shall I change it other to a regular switch to see if that's faulty now
Customer: no the light switch is jus a old switch
XXXXX XXXXX : If the light to the room is on then you should be getting power to the receiver
XXXXX XXXXX : You could try linking the two lives in the dimmer to let the power straight through to the lights?
XXXXX XXXXX : Make sure they work first?
Customer: So the two browns into live?
Customer: Yeah that's caused it to light up
Customer: so how do I now get it to work
XXXXX XXXXX : Look like a problem with the dimmer
XXXXX XXXXX : You could leave it like this for now and they would come on and off with the main light until you get another
Customer: Ok so I need a new dimmer aswell when I get that keep the same set up as before tho?
XXXXX XXXXX : Yes until you run a new live
Customer: to get it back to how I had it before which live goes into load the switch brown or mains brown?
Customer: b&q is only. Down the road. I can jus go get a new dimmer in ten mins
XXXXX XXXXX : load is switch live
XXXXX XXXXX : we need the wiring instructions too
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