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Siemens S1479 washing machine "dead"

Resolved Question:

I have a siemens S1479 washing machine which stopped working. No lights no function. It is out of warranty and as I live in a very remote village in the mountains without paved or marked roads technicians either will not ome or charge a new wachine machine.My question before I pull it out from its embedded spot: does the machine have a fuse? A burst pipe behind the wall may have created moisture related short circuits on the segment. Living where and as I do I can do most mechanical and electrical repair and some electronic circuitboard troubleshooting.I am looking for a technician to walk me through the troubleshooting or repair Does thr S1479 have either 1. a fuse or 2. obvious first electric/electronic failure modes?Mŷ
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  JamesI replied 2 years ago.


You are correct this is most likely to be a fuse if its totally dead.

The machine doesnt have a dead switch or fail safe mode.

I know you advised you checked the mains circuit but wanted to make sure what I would do is what you have done\proven.

In most common installations you have a service\utility switch above the worktop so you can turn the mains off without having to get to the plug socket the washer is connected to, could the switch have been accidentally turned off?

Have you checked your circuit breaker encase the washer is on a separate fuse (RCBO)?

If the above look ok, the next step is to pull the washer out. I would first unplug the washing machine and plug in another (working) mains powered device to confirm power is going to the socket.

Assuming the side lamp or what ever you use work, I would then remove the fuse from the washer's plug and test with a multi-meter (or just replace with a working fuse).

If the unit is still not coming on, its likely to be a loose wire, and it now gets move involved.

Let me know if the steps above resolve the issue, and if not I will happily talk you through troubleshooting the other internal workings.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I have pulled the machine outside to drain it via the emergency outlet. Once emptied will dissassemble the panels to evaluate internal condition.
You say there is no failsafe in this model. I assume there is some sort of power regulator at the 230V circuit inputs. Do you confirm there is no fuse of any sort on that circuit.
Plug is a euro plug on a German made and imported model, so it does not have the UK plug fuse. The mains have been tested and function (after a few days drying out of the wall and drying out of the sockets.
Expert:  JamesI replied 2 years ago.

If there is a fuse it should be serviceable, ie you shouldn't need to remove any panels to replace it.

I have been looking at the different varients of your machines WI14S440.

Can you send me the E-NR number for the washing machine, its normally located on the back of the appliance, and will allow me to get the engineer manual for this product.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The E-Nr is WM14S790FF /05 FD 8706 200484
Type WNM52
I removed the top panel and saw that the main cable is burnt and the voltage regulator case is burst and the ground wire burnt. It is part F11.126/856-324. The two output leads (violet) lead to the main switch knob and from there to the control panel. They seem fine in that they carry a signal and there is no visible sign of shorting on any circuitry beyond the voltage regulator which took the brunt of the damage.
Hoping to source this part and cross fingers the rest is fine.
Very strange: the voltage regulator is leaking oil. Never seen that before. I am guessing there is an oil filled diode that burst.
I am not sure there is anything else you can do for me unless the engineering manual is available to me.
I can close the ticket unless ther is anytng else you can tell me.
Expert:  JamesI replied 2 years ago.

Good news you manged to get the E-Nr so at least you can be sure your ordering the correct replacement part.

I am still awaiting to send me the siemens engineering manual for your product, ill happily send it on if they ever get round to send it to me.

The 'oil' is most likly comming from the capacitor, but it sounds like you have a good handle on what your looking at and need to do to make the repair, and I wouldnt expect you should see any other issues if the brunt of the surge was via the earth/grounding cable.

I would suggest that you install a fused spur or plug going forward, as that could have saved you a cost repair.

In order to close the case, I would appreicate if you could please rate my answer today.

Have a good evening


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