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Getz 2003

Customer Question

I am considering buying a Getz2003 as a first car for my daughter, what is you opinion of the 2003 Getz?

My daughter will be using the Getz to travel a distance of 150 miles to and from her job on Monday - Friday
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Hyundai
Expert:  Robert replied 4 years ago.



Hopefully i can help.


There aren't really allot of problems with the Getz to be honest..and would ideal for short mileage use. we only know of a recall for the Getz Models with ABS system.So you'll need to make sure if your buying one this has been done by the hyundai dealer if applies and check documentation. a few other things are minor for example windscreen wipers not clearing effectively. Rear Brake drum/Suspension problems but dependant on the use of the car where these things can crop up, maf "mass airflow" meters do tend to crop up. The timing belt is usually one of the main items to check on these if applies so it would be a good idea to ask further on that and ensure everything along with the belt have all been changed and should be well documented as such and at what mileage it was changed and when next - also check "all" fluids within the engine bay are all correct level wise check all fluids are clean and don't show any signs of cross contamination especially in oil or under filler cap / also check for any obvious leaks around the engine bay and under the car - it would be your best interest to make sure "everything electrical wise" in the car works properly inc :- Central locking system/keys too electrical items ie:-windows/radio/heaters/blowers/heating and or aircon system / all exterior lights / etc,basically anything with a button and or adjuster etc check there are no obvious warning lights up on the dash when first started and listen for any rattles / blowing noises from exhaust/ knocking noises during idle or any obvious misfiring ,also observe any unusual smoke from the tail pipe, Steam or a small amount of white exhaust smoke when you start the car is normally fine,but large amounts of smoke or blue smoke then its likely going to be a problem with the engine.. During test drive as thats usually one of best things you can do to find out what its like to get your own impression on it - is observe for any indication of overheating etc or noises inc :- knocking from suspension or steering / rattles etc also check how the clutch operates as it should incase it maybe wearing out, ensure you use every gear if manual gearbox and ensure each one engages smoothly and isn't grinding or hard to select - when releasing the clutch when in gear If it releases near the top and feels heavy or slips in the in the process, the car may need a new clutch ...if possible then maybe if you know anyone who knows there cars or you know of good garage you have used before then it maybe worth having them check it over for you so that maybe something else to bear in mind too.also check if present any advisories since last mot which will give you an idea what it may need for any next mot or likely be picked up on and check what repairs and service history the car has had...i do hope this helps

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