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Nathan B
Nathan B, NVQ 3 qualified mechanic
Category: Hyundai
Satisfied Customers: 146
Experience:  20+ years experience as a motor mechanic including running my own garage.
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I have a Hyundai Amica with approx. 40,000 miles. The ABS keeps

Customer Question

I have a Hyundai Amica with approx. 40,000 miles. The ABS keeps engaging unnecessarily at low speedsen I'm decelerating. How dangerous is this and can it be fixed?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Hyundai
Expert:  Nathan B replied 1 year ago.
Hi thereWelcome to ja.comI hope I can be of help to you today.The fact that the abs is kicking in at low speeds indicates that there is an intermittent fault within the system. What is happening is, as you are slowing down the abs module that reads the speeds of all the wheels is noticing that one or more wheels is moving slower than the rest and thinks that you are skidding and so engages the abs to compensate this. This can be down to a couple of things. It could be that there is a crack in the pickup ring and so is throwing up a false signal our it could have just dislodged slightly and not quite aligning up with the sensor which would also give a false reading. It could also be down to rust on the pickup ring and this would also give a false reading. One other thing but is less likely is it could be that the sensor could be sending a bad signal to the module itself.What you need to do though is get the car put on a diagnostic computer that can read the fault codes on the abs system and also read the live data to find out which wheel is causing this problem so you can get to the route of the problem to get it fixed.I'm not saying that it did but sometimes when the brakes are changed you can dislodge something to do with the abs sensor or pickup ring.I wouldn't say that it is life threatening but as you can imagine, a fault with the braking system should be rectified as soon as possible add it could catch you out.I hope I have helped you with this matter and if you require assistance in the future Please don't hesitate to get in contact on this site and I will be happy to help again.Please rate my answer as this is how I get paid.Thanks in advanceNathan