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Battery gone flat on my x type diesel 2004 usually starts with

Customer Question

battery gone flat on my x type diesel 2004 usually starts with jump lead but now no start on key although battery fully charged
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Jaguar
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Expert:  JagLandyFord replied 1 year ago.
Hi there,The X Type diesel vehicles are very fussy electrically when concerns with battery voltage are involved. The following scenarios can cause a 'spike' of voltage through the vehicle which usually ends up damaging the Engine ECU beyond repair.Ignition key left in ignition barrel - when a vehicle battery is replaced.Ignition key left in the ignition barrel with the ignition lights on - during the procedure of attaching the battery jump leads between this vehicle and a donor vehicle.If the vehicle currently cranks over the engine - then the security immobiliser is ok and the concern maybe a fuelling concern.If the vehicle does not crank over when the key is turned - then the security immobiliser maybe active as a result of the Engine ECU no longer communicating with the vehicle. A quick test using a Generic OBD (On Board Diagnostic) code reader will help to understand what state the Engine ECU is in.If you are able to read fault codes from the engine ECU - then the vehicle may be retrievable - from a current security immobilised state - but this will need to be done using a Jaguar Dealer diagnostic tool known as SDD. If you are unable to communicate with the Engine ECU at all - then this would confirm that the ECU is potentially damaged.However - some final checks before condemning it need to be performed.Check the Inertia switch - by accessing it on the passenger side footwell B pillar - push your finger through the hole onto a button below. If it Clicks - then it was activated, now de-activated by you and now the vehicle may start.Check Fuse 35 in the engine bay fuse box - a 5 amp fuse. This is the ignition relay supply fuse. Make sure the on condition is ok and a supply of 12volts or more is present with ignition on at that fuse.If the inertia switch appears ok and the voltage at the fuse is ok - then it may need an ECU if the vehicle is not cranking and you have no communications with the Engine ECU. It is possible to fit a second hand ECU to these vehicles, but it will have a different VIN number written in the ECU.DO NOT program the module as NEW as Existing.The way to get a second hand used ECU to operate on a vehicle is to use Jaguar SDD (Symptom Driven Diagnostics) - and run the diagnostic routine 'Immobilisation',If you dont do this - then it is possible to kill this ECU also. I hope the advice helps.Unfortunately I work full time during the working day, and run a second business during these spring summer months - so I am not always available to respond to further queries.I apologise in advance for this inconvenience but hopefully another expert will be equally willing to help you in any way they can - if I am not available.Best regards