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I have voluntary terminated a vehicle on finance after paying

Customer Question

I have voluntary terminated a vehicle on finance after paying the required 50% in law, the vehicle was collected by a company called rms receivables in leeds and was inspected by the person collecting the vehicle who deemed the vehicle to be in good order with the exception that the seats needed valeting, I have signed paperwork to prove this. the company wrote to me on 14/02/2013 demanding £290.00 for damage they say was over and above the industry fair wear and tear, I can accept the seats needed valeting but they claim the vehicle needed a specialist valet at a cost of £45.00, they claim there were 2 dents over 30mm in size and one with paint damage but was minor that were not picked up on the inspection at my home where the vehicle was collected from, they also claim that they found stone chips above 3mm on the bonnet are not wear and tear again not picked up on the inspection at my house, they also claim the rear bumper was split and needed a heat weld repair again not picked up on the inspection at my house, I have asked for photographic proof of the alleged damage but none has been provided, they claim that they only do a prelimanary inspection at the house and a more detailed inspection is done back at there premises, that took 4 days before it was done, van taken on 02/02/2013 and inspected on 05/02/2013, they drove the van away and stored it wherever, how do I know this alleged damage was not done then as it was not picked up on collection and the vehicle had been washed so they could inspect it. Do I have to pay?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Stuart J replied 4 years ago.
Is it £290 in total?

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