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Max Lowry
Max Lowry, Advocate
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Experience:  LLB, 10 years post qualification experience
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i am a bankrupt but i have had a ppi refund this has gone to

Customer Question

i am a bankrupt but i have had a ppi refund this has gone to the insolvency people my debts have been cleared but they wont refund me the money left over is there anything i can do
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Max Lowry replied 4 years ago.

Max Lowry : Hi, welcome to Just Answer. I will help you with your question. Can you please tell me whether the ppi claim relates to a loan/financial product which was in place before bankruptcy? Are you sure you sure your debts are all paid off and this money is surplus in the bankruptcy estate?
JACUSTOMER-1gbd18no- :

ppi refund was for loans taken out before i went bankrupt. the receiver has had my check since april and there is a surplus of £7000 they have said they will pay my creditors

Max Lowry : Thanks. First of all as you are probably aware the OR is entitled to recover the proceeds from the ppi payout. He has a duty to gather in as much money to pay your creditors. However, if your creditors have already been paid and his costs have been paid this ppi money should be returned to you. It is unusual he is saying he will use the money to pay creditors if they have all been paid. Ask him for a breakdown of who has been paid and how much. Also find out for certain that no other creditors remain to be paid.
Max Lowry : If it turns out that the creditors have all been paid and the costs and fees of the bankruptcy have been discharged the money should be returned to you after you receive your discharge.
Max Lowry : It is possible to complain about the conduct of the Insolvency Service.
Max Lowry : You can fill in the complaints form on the website. Or you can phone them on 0845 602 9848.