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I need advice about a medical practice issue.

Customer Question

I need advice about a medical matter.


I have a problem with an insane optthalmologist who is obsessed with brain tumours (I had a tumour removed in 1995) As part of an A&E visit about 7 years ago, he diagnosed a TIA as a recurrance of the tumour and then asked my neurosurgery hospital to send him my records [an MRI showed a tiny recurrance that was too small to cause symptoms but once it was found the sudden loss of vision caused by the TIA was dismissed as irrelevent]. It took 6 months to persuade my own optthalmologist that I had never changed treatment providers but by then it was too late to be prescribed warfarin. 2 years later I had an emergency embolectomy when it was discovered that I had also suffered a silent heart attack. I wrote a letter to the nutcase's hospital about what had happened. that was when the nutcase started accusing me of being a troublemaker and insisting that noone should allow me access to the NHS. He even went to London to tell lies to my neurosurgeon. So far this has followed me through 3 hospitals and 2 GP surgeries. The nutcase was recently found out but a lot of people have behaved badely because they believed the allegations (both hospitals have been on the government list for questionable standards for some time) but now I have been told that all the issues previously identified as serious, are trivial. I am glad to be rid of the hospital, I have never been so terrified of anywhere in my life. But now I do not know if I have a heart problem or not. The neurology hospital has agreed to let me have an appointment to get a prognosis for the tumour although I am not sure if it really matters any more as my memory and eyesight seem to be failing. I have been told that the nutcase 'has friends' and the NHS trust that employs him thinks I should disappear to solve their problem. That nutter destroyed my life and now I am being thrown away like a piece of litter. I have some documents and can give contact details of witnesses but people who have tried to help me before have found themselves under attach and I do not know if anyone will risk telling the truth now. Is there anything I can do?



Please do not identify this problem on your website.  I think I am safer now but it is not possible to be absolutely certain.

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law