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Fraudulent Competition Website Behaviour

Customer Question

I need help from an Entertainment Lawyer - or certainly someone who can deal with a potential claim against a music competition site. I can be found - still being publicised as the WINNER - in the 9th September chart - under my stage name "Configa"

I have won the chart 3 times previously (winners fee is now at $300) but this time they have decided, without providing ANY proof, that I am a cheat?? And are withholding payment?? It is less about any "new" security system and more about a personal vendetta from a bunch of amateurs masquerading as professionals. Because I have won with every video entry and have aired views on how to improve the site - I believe this is based on saving money/personal feeling. In fact me and a friend of mine were referred to as the "likely lads" by one of the guys who runs the site, only today. How unprofessional and biased!! You are only allowed ONE vote per IP address per day on a phone, and THREE on a laptop/PC - therefore rendering one person with multiple accounts virtually impossible. My supporters have voted for various winners in previous weeks who have been paid - and, I myself, have been paid 3 times previously with the same core supporters. They have NO proof to withhold payment. They are a UK based company, paying out in $ to exploit the exchange rate.

This is their email - without any actual proof included - just a series of unfounded allegations:


BEAT100 has recently increased security within the website and mobile application to ensure fairness within the weekly BEAT100 World Music Chart competition.

We regret to inform you that our security system has detected suspicious activity from your account which has been proven to be 100% accurate, involving use of multiple false accounts to increase votes. BEAT100 does not accept this behavior within our network.

BEAT100 is a music video and social network, designed to reward musicians for hard work and talent. We do NOT tolerate any cheating of any nature whatsoever to increase viewing/voting figures.

This is an extremely serious offence, due to the involvement of cash prizes and breaches of the BEAT100 terms & conditions, which you agreed to when registering (see appendix 1.8). BEAT100 will be muting your account indefinitely and will not be rewarding you with your most recent first place prize.

If you wish to appeal the case, please write [email protected]



I await your advice/help as legally I know that I have a case from their contradictory, unfair and biased behaviour.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law