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My son is currently taking a triple science GCSE

Customer Question

My son is currently taking a triple science GCSE whereby he sits 3 separate exams for Biology, Chemistry and Physics. He failed his mocks getting a grade U (under graded). His school have said that they are making him now do a double science exam only consisting of two GCSE's which is unacceptable. I find it awful how they can make such a huge decision which affects his future on his behalf. I have explained that he will put in the extra revision etc but they simply won't have it. Legally can they do this and if not whom do I contact? Also, can they legally stop him from sitting an exam? He goes to a state school if this makes any difference? Thanks so much. I am more than happy to involve government bodies etc; the school have an awful Ofsted report as it currently stands anyway without this on top. Note: My Son wrote this question previously but it's been re-written by myself, Thanks.

Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law