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Ben Jones
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Hi again, Ive had the meeting and got an agreed reference,

Resolved Question:

Hi again,

I've had the meeting and got an agreed reference, and a conditional release with pay. The conditional release requires that I hand over work done the standard required by the school. The work has already been completed, but the issue with the school is that I'm unclear about what their particular standards are. I have asked on several occasions, and every time get vague and unclear answers. The deadline is on Thursday. I would like to send my line manager a letter which states that she look at the work in advance of the deadline, and confirm whether it is of the standard, and if not provide clear guidelines which I can follow in advance of the deadline. I've included the letter for you to look at. Could you confirm if this is something that would need to be adhered to. As you can probably guess I do not trust this woman at all.

10th February 2014

Hi Victoria,

I’ve got all of the work ready for the handover. Could you confirm that the work is of the standard required by the school. If the work is not of the standard required by the school could you please let me know in detail what you would like to be altered by the end of today. This will give me time to make any changes in advance of the deadline. If I do not receive an answer by 5pm today I will assume the work has been done to the standard expected by the school, and therefore that my conditional release will go ahead. In addition, I am teaching at 11.30 on Thursday. Please confirm whether this lesson will be covered so that I can attend the handover meeting. Finally, please confirm the whereabouts of the meeting.


Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ben Jones replied 3 years ago.

Ben Jones : Hello, my name is XXXXX XXXXX it is my pleasure to assist you with your question today. I will take a look at the letter and respond first thing tomorrow,thank you



Could you let me know when you will be able to look at this.





Ben Jones :

Hi Nicky thanks for your patience. Your proposal is both fair and reasonable. If you are asked to work to specific standards, yet have not been given details of these, you have every right to ask for clarification and contacting them before the deadline to clarify these is indeed a good move.

Ben Jones :

As to the letter, its contents are fine but just consider whether the deadline you have given is reasonable – that would of course depend on the volume and nature of the work so think whether someone is able to look at all the work you are handing over and make a decision whether it is to the required standard.


Thanks very much for this, but what I'm trying to establish is if she is sent this letter, and makes no communication with me prior to the deadline about altering work, and then on the deadline says the work is unsatisfactory does the sending of this letter have any weight i.e. that I said confirm before the deadline otherwise you loose your right to question on the deadline.


Sorry I hadn't finished typing there, and the former reply might be a bit confused. What I am trying to avoid is my line manager saying you cannot have the terms of the conditional release because the work is not up to standard on the deadline.

Ben Jones :

the letter will not provide a guaranteed get out of jail card if she decides to challenge this. It will help in any potential future negotiations and you should also push to have the standards defined as part of the agreement as then you both know where you stand


Ok thank you.

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