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Category: Law
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Neighbor Builds Fence on My Property what can I do ?

Customer Question

Neighbor Builds Fence on My Property what can I do ?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  tdlawyer replied 3 years ago.

tdlawyer :

Hello, welcome to the website. My name isXXXXX can assist you with this.

tdlawyer :

On what basis has he put a fence up on your property? Does he say he is entitled to do this for some reason?

Customer: Recent rain storm broken fence and he build new fence 2feet on my land or boundary
tdlawyer :

Okay. Do you want to force him to remove it from your land?

tdlawyer :

Are you there?

Customer: Yes
tdlawyer :

:) Good. Okay.

Customer: Last Friday my surveyor determined he has taken my land
Customer: R u there
Customer: R u there sir
tdlawyer :

I'm here.

Customer: R u there
tdlawyer :

Okay. You have a surveyors report on this?

Customer: R. U. There
Customer: Waiting
Customer: If u can tell me what I can do
tdlawyer :

Do you want him to be forced to remove the fence?

Customer: Yes
tdlawyer :

Okay. Then you would need to issue a claim in the county court, using a Part 8 Claim Form, and attach to that a witness statement setting out the detail of which land you say is yours (using the surveyors report) and ask the Court to order that he remove the fence and stop trespassing on your land.

tdlawyer :

This can be a tricky thing to start on your own without professional help, because the claim form has to be sent with a detailed witness statement, which would be your evidence in court proceedings later on.

Customer: Yes I have photograph and very clear and he has said when I protest he assured me if I can probe him with documents he will remove his fence
Customer: Hello r u there sir
tdlawyer :

Then you should ask the surveyor to help you do that. he can draw up the relevant letter easily with the information he already has from the survey and your instructions so far.

Customer: Thank you very much can advise me how can I find locally good solicitor to do that
tdlawyer :

Where in the country are you?

Customer: Epsom Surrey
Customer: What is name of the expert in legal term
tdlawyer :

You will have no problem finding a property litigation solicitor in your area. There are many out there. You could try the likes of:

tdlawyer :


Customer: Thank you very much if I need any further I will come back to you
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